Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Only 1 month left!

Hello Hello Hello!
Alright so first off mom this is to answer all of your questions: Yes i got some packages last week and loved them so much!  Those pictures of me (carboard cut-out) at the wedding were hilarious and way popular among my friends at laundry time :) 
As a zone Leader I have many duties.  Mostly its just going to meetings about being a good leader and how to run things.  We get to meet the new missionaries in our zone each week and bring them to the Residence halls and kinda show them the ropes and tell them the rules.  We also handle all the behavior rules in the residence hall like enforcing quiet time at night and making sure there are no pranks and that people are reverent for the most part.  We've been lucky because our zone is pretty good.  We also have to interview all the District leaders each week.  And did i mention we go to tons of meetings? haha its not that bad and i really learn alot.  It is fun as long as you don't have a sick person to where you have to organize a schedule of who is going to stay with him and who is going to bring him meals and what not. (we had this happen last week because one elder had mono and the other tore his ACL and had surgery here and is trying to stay on a mission.  Now he is in a different zone so we don't have to worry).  Yes it does seem like forever since I was one of the new missionaries and that is because in MTC time, it has been forever.  We always joke like we passed through a veil when we came here and we can't really remember what our life was like in the "pre existance"(the real world).  Time is a very weird concept to try a grasp ha. 
The lessons in Khmae have been going fabulously.  I understand mostly everything that is said and i am able to teach and answer their questions quite easily.  I just need to get better at speaking faster.  I also have been able to read scriptures in script during lessons when everyone else just has the investigator read.  So that has been a blessing. 
Brock, I am so jealous that you have soccer conditioning!  I miss soccer so much! the field here is closed during the winter so we only have the gym.  But no worries, i still ball it up on the courts and pop treys and what not :)  Make sure you guys keep me updated on all the goings on with soccer!  Thanks :)
Dad Congrats on the new calling of ward mission leader! (and Mom too i guess cuz you will be involved a ton because of the sister missionaries.)  Im so excited for you to have this opportunity!  You will love it.  You will get to see how much has changed in the missionary work.  It will be a good experience for the both of you.  Now we will be able to swap mission stories!  I know that you will do a great job and help bring many people unto Christ.  Make sure you help those missionaries as much as possible because having a member there is so beneficial.  Good Luck!
Ok so i don't have much time but lets see what i can crank out real quick with some insights and what not.  *just real quick advice- Make sure you practice typing before going on a mission :)
So this week my district has really been focusing on having charity for each other and for the people we teach.  I've come to realize how much we all need charity and how hard it is to obtain even a little bit.  But it is a attribute we must have!  I've noticed that every prophet in the book of mormon all have at least one thing in common and that is Charity.  Let them be our examples along with our best example of course, Christ.
Little insights
- Sometimes our heart is quicker than our thoughts and so when we feel the spirit we need to stop and ponder to get the rest of the revelation that is there for us
-In 2 Nephi 25:22 it says pretty much that we, who have the BOM,  will be held more accountable because of the knowledge that comes with it.  So take advantage of the book of Mormon and don't be someone who dies and stands before God and he asks you if you did something that was in the book of mormon, like have charity, and you have to say "no" because you didn't even know it was in there. Please make studying the Book of Mormon a part of your every day!
We had a devotional by Elder Pearson and his wife (of the 70) and I'm not gonna lie, when we come to the Tuesday devotionals and see that we don't have an apostle we are automatically dissappointed.  Well after this talk i will never be disappointed again by a 70.  It was an awesome talk!  here are some points
-Sis. Pearson said this quote by Neal A Maxwell i believe: The Lord doesn't care about our ability or inability but our availability.  Once we show our dependability, the Lord will take care of the rest.
-she also said that Attitude is the only thing we have total control of.  Let us control it :)
-Elder Pearson talked about becoming Disciples of Christ and it was very inspiring and life changing.  He told us that average doesn't cut it.  Its not about me(a missionary), it is not my mission, it is the Lord's and it is about His Children.  The huge question that I love and want to ask you all is: Am I prepared to become a disciple of  Jesus Christ at all Costs????
think about it.
Gotta go!
Love you all so much
     Elder Brady Johnson

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feb 15, 2011

Jumriabsua Family!!!!!
K, first as usual, my replies to letters.  Congrats to Cody with the awesome mission call.  You will have your work cut out for you.  But you can do it :)  Next Congrats to Jeremy and Rachelle! I wish i could see your new baby.  Glad to hear that the wedding went well.  Blake and Karli do have style don't they?  I'm so happy for them.  And yes i wore my matching tie on Friday.   
About the pictures I sent you, I thought you would like the one of my name tag.  It is crazy but such a pretty written language.  I'm glad that mom got to talk to the Gooch's a bit.  I love Chantra's mom here at the MTC!  She is so awesome and very nice.  She helps us with our pronounciation.  
This last week things have been going great.  things were going smoothly, the language has been getting easier, and me and Elder G. have become great friends.  I was loving life.  But the scripture (2Nephi 28:24-25) talks about wo to those who say all is well and that I can relax.  And I learned why.  This sunday Elder G and myself were called as the new Zone Leaders! Pretty crazy huh?  So that added like 5 meetings to my week and takes time out of my class schedule to go meet the new missionaries and show them around (im way excited for that part).  I'm excited about this assignment and think it will be good for me.  the lesson I learned is never to be satisfied with an easy going life.  Either I need to step it up and work harder or the Lord will put things in my path so i have no choice but to do so.  But I realized that we had been prepared this whole 6 weeks to get this assignment.  I mean, Elder. G and I didn't exactly get along and be the best of friends straight off.  It's taken us a while but now I consider him a great friend and an awesome companion.  "Just like trees lose their leaves in preparation for winter, we all are prepared in all things"(i heard this in a talk but can't remember where).
Another thing alot of us missionaries learned this week was not ever to watch music and the spoken word on the week of valentines day haha.  V-day is just kinda depressing here but oh well we must move on. 
Us 4 Cambodian missionaries taught our weekly Zone Activity with the other south asian Elders and Sisters and we taught it on prayer.  In preparation to teaching i learned so much and then during it i learned even more.  Some things i want to challenge you all to do is to try to make your prayers more sincere.  Think about the last prayer you gave.  How sincere was it.  Were you willing to act on the answers you would receive.  Something an elder said was prophetic: What better time to be Christ-like than when you are talking with the Father?"  Awesome right?  Ya i was astounded.  But it is so true!
Lastly I want to tell you all to read one of my new favorite passages of scripture.  I read it this week and it is one the most inspiring passages in the scriptures for me.  It is in 2 Nephi 4: 17 to the end.  It is the Psalm of Nephi.  I look to Nephi as one of the greatest examples.  In my reading the book of mormon this time around I am looking for ways that i can become more Christ-like and I have found so many things just from him. 
Oh so my investigators are doing well.  I have 2 progressing that are,well, progressing... but slowly. Mainly cuz it is a slow process to speak but we are getting better.  We are planning on teaching the shortened version of the plan of salvation in 30 mins in Khmae so wish us luck :)
I love you alll so  very much and pray for you all daily.  I hope all is going well and thanks for all the letters and updates.  You guys are the best!

     Elder Brady Johnson

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wow! Feb 8, 2011

Thanks once again for all the letters that you all have sent me!  I quite enjoy them!  I love hearing about the basketballs games so keep me updated!  I love so much that you really got a cardboard cut out of me for the wedding! i can't wait for the pictures.  I will be sending pictures as well... and you will probably laugh, but not for the reason you think.  You'll see.  Yay Brock for getting over his sprained ankle. That is so weird that Brock and Dad were up here so close to me last Saturday at the BYU game.  And also Congrats to Brock for getting asked to Preference! Such a stud.
Mom last week you told me to read 2 Nephi 31-33 and guess what?  This last sunday the MTC president, President Brown, told us to all do the same thing.  Way to be on top of things!  I don't know how you do it but you are always right! :) Thanks for being such a great mother! I love You!  Oh and guess what?  I met Pres. Brown the other day and he said he does know Kevin so that was cool.  He is an awesome man.  In his talk he gave sunday, he talked to us about our names.  Most the time we are talked to about the name of Christ that is on us for the next two years but this time he talked to us about our own names.  He had us think about what other people think about when they hear your name.  Do they talk good of it or bad?  Your name goes with you forever.  How are generations to come going to remember your name?  All these things hit me really hard.  I want so badly to have a good reputation with everyone i meet.  I want to be the kind of person who is known for good and kindness and one who had the spirit for my whole life and generations to come.  So for whoever reads this I hope I have never offended you and if I have, I am so sorry.  Next time we meet, I will be a changed and better man.  We were told to be like Captain Moroni who will forever be known for who the scriptures say he is.  Just imagine if we all were like that amazing man.
So i heard that Jordan E. and Ryan W. are both going to Chile.  Tell them congrats if you see them.
I can't believe the wedding is this week!  My little Blake is all growed up ;)  I'm so proud!  I don't know how he got so lucky with Karli but congrats to you both!  Don't have too much a party with out me at the reception... actually I know you won't cuz its not a party without me, right?... maybe?  I wish i could be there but the Lord calls me to be workin instead.  and no offense Blake and Karli, Your wedding isn't as big of deal as what i'm doing.  But I think you both already know that:) Love you
In my companionship things have began to change a bit.  I have been praying and trying so hard to change myself and the way i think because i think that was my problem.  And with the lord's help, I am now getting along better with elder G. than ever and I am loving it.  The unity is fantastic.  Still not perfect, but nothing is ever perfect.
Hey Brock, and Paco, and Trevor and everyone else who is preparing for a mission, Go on to lds.org or youtube and watch the video about -preparing to serve a mission- by president Monson in his oct.2, 2010 conference address about it.  It is so powerful.  actually, Everyone needs to watch reguardless.  Missionary work is so important.
So now starting this week, Me and E. G. teach two progressing investigators (our teachers who are roleplaying) twice a week all in Khmae, and then have the not so big task on saturday.  so 3 investigators to prepare for.  It is hard but it makes planning a whole lot easier when you have someone to plan for.
I can't think of much else this week.... sorry its so short. but I want to leave you with this quote: "Your own personal Testimony is the strongest arrow in your quiver.  Bear it Frequently!"  I Know that this is true.  I know that this is the true Church of Christ and that it was restored by Joseph Smith.  God calls us to bring forth this gospel unto the nations.  Miracles do happen, and they will continue to happen.  I have seen them almost daily.  Miracles don't have to be a big thing.  Miracles are around us, we just have to be looking.  So look for those miracles. 
I Love you all so very much.  I wish i could be there in the temple with you during the marriage.  Last week as a district we did a session of sealings as proxies for children and it was incredible.  So now I can imagine what is going on.  Thankyou for everything you do and for all of your prayers!

     Elder Brady Johnson

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1 month down, 2 to go (Feb 1, 2011)

Ok so first off, I'd like to respond to some letters.  Thank you all for your letters.  I love them so much.  Dad, I'm loving the updates on sports.  I'm glad BYU and DHills are both doing really well.  I'm also glad to hear that work is picking up.  Ryan and Nikki can sure try to see me at the Temple but whatevs.  Mom, your letters/package have been great!  Yes i did get the package and love the watch and candy, Pictures, and newspaper articles.  So thanks thanks thanks!  It made me sad to hear you finally fixed the lights on the garage.  There was so much history in those lights.  But just like with us boys that used to terrorize the neighborhood, things change and we become better.  (ha i hope that analagy made sense:)  Thanks for the insights you share with me.  I wish i could talk to you about the insights i receive daily in personal study... and every other part of my day.    I am still doing basketball every day but sometimes i run a mile before hand.  I ran a 6 minute mile yesterday and that was pretty sweet.  By the time i leave here i want 5:40 or so.  I feel like every thing i do is goal oriented now.  Its finally getting into me.  The picture of Brock's prom group is looking fresh!  I'm glad Brock knows how to clean up nice.  To Blake, Congrats Bro!!!! LSU law school will be so sweet.  I can't believe you are flippin getting married so soon!   
So Things are going good here.  Last week was a bit hard with the language for some reason.  I hit a wall and felt like i wasn't improving.  So I made some goals and a study plan and it has helped out a bunch.  Elder G. and I are trying to SYL (Speak your language) as much as possible.  I feel like i can honestly say most of what i want to say in Khmae.  And it is so cool.  Some words i don't even think about it and they are naturally in my vocab now.  for example, haet avei just means "why".  Its cool ha.  We also taught a progressing investigator(one of the other teachers who speaks khmae) for 30mins in all khmae!  It was amazing!  The Lord really is helping me so much with the language. In the TRC we taught Lesson 2 in english and committed 3 people to baptism!  Even tho it was all role play, i got way excited when they said that they wanted to get baptized.  Ha it was sweet.   Elder D. left today to Long Beach.  So now it is just me and Elder G.  Its gonna be weird and i'm gonna miss Elder D., but he was way over ready to be gone. Just a random thing, on P-day/today we do laundry.  We, as in my district, the mhong elders, and Vietnamese sisters, all sit in there and just chill and relax and have so much fun.  Ha it is my favorite!  Who would've thought that Laundry would be associated to my favorite part of p-day? haha
Spiritual side: Like every week, i feel like i've learned so much!  I can't believe i still have room to fit it all in my head.  We watched a talk by Elder Bednar that he gave here about recognizing the spirit.  It was SO good and just what i needed.  He said that he gets the question most often from members "How do I know if its the Holy Ghost or just me?" his answer "Don't worry about it.  Just be a good boy, or good girl and do the right thing like you know hwo to and things will work out."  He told us that alot of the time we don't realize that something was a spiritual impression til long after it has happened.  Another cool thing he said was that if we aren't getting answers to our prayers even tho we are doing all the right things, it is because God trusts more as we become more like Him and so He lets us make the decisions.  And with that trust, we can act on what we know is right.  We just have to have faith.  Faith was a big topic this week.  Faith is Action!  Sometimes we have nothing to go off of, but we just have to put our faith in God and take that step and keep going.  God won't let us go astray.  Another thing i learned alot about was charity.  I studied it alot in my personal study and read a talk by President Monson from the General Relief Society Broadcast in oct 2010.  I encourage you all to read/watch it asap.  True charity is love in action. 
Alright im out of time but I love you and miss you all!  I will be sending a letter too I think.

     Elder Brady Johnson