Tuesday, November 27, 2012

So, so busy

I just  had the best P-day of my entire mission today! We made a sweet music video that we will be showing at our Christmas party on Dec. 11th! It was with our whole zone all over Boston. I can't wait to edit it and show you the outcome! Obviously no time to write :s I'm sorry once again. But know this, my life couldn't be better, cept i kinda wanna stay on a mission after all.... but too late for that so im coming home anyway. I will probably crash when i get home of exhaustion cuz im giving EVERYTHING i have for these last 3 weeks. It is go go go every day and im loving it. Couldn't ask for a better way to be ending my mission.

Turkey day was good- ate at the Temple President's house. W and Jr got confirmed and all is well there. There is so much to do and we've done so much, i just don't even know what to talk about. But I'm eternally grateful to all of you and love you! Be safe. K bye!
"Heel clicking in an orchard whilst picking apples  - yup, its legit"

Elder Brady Johnson

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