Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Week 2011

This week was a long one.  Not alot got done.  We did however find a Cambodian family and get a return appointment, get inside and have a lesson.  We talked to the mom in cambodian for awhile and then their young daughter came in and we talked in english to her.  Let me tell you, that girl knows way too much for how young she is.  She goes to 2 different churches and has just about a million questions that she tried to ask all at the same time.  Her main question is which church is true becuase she goes to the other churches and they bash on each other and so she is confused.  We gave her a Book of Mormon and said that we would come back and help her answer all of her questions.  I feel like I'm teaching a Joseph Smith type person.  Its really cool.  When we were leaving she went to turn on the tv but turned to us and asked, "should I read 'the book' or watch tv?"  Obviously we said if it were us, we'd read the book and so she flopped onto the couch and started reading.  I can't wait to go back to her house!

We met a less active member that was a referral from a ward member. Her name is M. She lived somewhere else and was baptized and loved the missionaries and always had them over.  Then they moved to Lowell and didn't know where the church was so they stopped going to church.  When we met them they were so nice and friendly and i feel like all they needed was an invite to church and thats all it took.  They came on sunday-the whole fam- and had a great time. It was way cool.  and now we have dinner with them tonight so that is another bonus.
We had tours this week with our zone leaders.  So Elder W, who is a Cambodian speaking missionary who moved out of the program because of leadership, came to Lowell and Elder A. went to Nashua for a day.  Elder W. is the "father" of Elder W. who is the "Father" of me (father=trainer) so we had 3 generations, kinda cool.  He is hilarious and we had a good time and had to go to court with him cuz a few months ago he got a traffic ticket that he wanted to fight.  Ha, just imagine 3 missionaries waiting to go to the court room.  Awesome.
The last highlight of this week was on Thursday we had Zone Conference with 2 other zones.  Elder Zwick of the 70 came and pretty much spoke to us for 7hrs with a 1 hour lunch break.  It was awesome.  Pres and Sis. Evans also spoke along with sister Zwick.  I forgot to bring my notes with me to the library so i can't tell you very much about what i learned but i was definitely spiritually edified and uplifted.  He told us that he had just spoken with President Monson before coming out and Pres Monson said that the missionaries out right now are the best we've had.  And so Elder Zwick loves to say "therefore what?"... and his answer was that if the prophet thinks so highly of you, you better meet up to the expectations.  It was really powerful.  he had so many cool stories about all the apostles and his mission pres was Elder Scott.  He also talked alot of the consolidation of the Connecticut mission.  President Evans said that the plan is to have a HUGE transfer in june/july when the missions combine and switch half of the people from connecticut to massachusetts and the other way around.  So alot of changes going on here and im excited for them.  Elder Zwick said that we need miracles to happen here in this area so "therefore what?"... go out there and make them happen.  This place is just ripe for miracles.  I also saw my friend A H from Pine View High School who is also serving here in Mass. english speaking.  Pretty cool stuff and such a small world we live in.
Speaking of which, get this: I got a letter from J J (cousin) this week that said that she had a roommate at college that goes to the Hyde Park YSA ward in the summers here in Lowell.  On Sunday i met her and she told me she was just in St. George visiting family last week.  Weird huh? Roommates with my cousin, in the ward im serving in, and was just barely in my home town.  I don't know about you but i think that is crazy.
On Saturday we went to a member's house and decorated easter eggs along with other families in the ward.  That was fun.  And on Sunday we had a great meal. Not your normal easter meal but actually a traditional Italian 3 course meal provided by some italian members in our ward.  It was way good.  We get to experience all types of food here in this widely diverse city.  Alright thats enough writing.  No luck with C.  Haven't seen him for a week :( but we keep going.  Thats all we can do, is keep moving forward.
I love you all so much!  thanks for being so wonderful!-

     Elder Brady Johnson

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