Monday, May 2, 2011

What a Week!

I guess i should start with the big news of the week..... We had a BAPTISM....just kidding, i wish that was the big news.  But nope the big news is that we got ROBBED on Wednesday.... sooooo what happened was that we got back from a dinner appointment and went to our apartment to go to the bathroom and then head out for our next appointment.   Elder W didn't lock the car cuz we would only be a little while in the house.  We were in the house for 15mins and came out and got in our car and i realized that our gps, and all of our backpacks were gone.  Yup stolen.  Just splendid.  For me my back pack was stolen which had my wallet (which includes debit card, missionary credit card, temple reccomend, drivers license, cash, gift cards, etc.) my nice Khmae triple combination was in there too along with pamphlets and what not.  Kinda a bummer huh?  We called the cops and of course they showed up an hour later.  Elder A was ticked at having to wait for them cuz he wanted to go out searching for the theives cuz if you didn't know he was on the SWAT team in Cambodia.  Eventually we did go walking around and searching with Team Portugal (Elders P and S) but no luck.  I did however get to call home and talk to mom for a bit so she could cancel my cards.  So that was nice haha.  Talk about fun, right? Elder W felt so bad the whole night and was pretty distraught, but for me I was just like, well, thats too bad.  I guess we should lock the car huh? Looks like i should find a new back pack and wallet.  haha I guess you could say i took it quite nicely.  It really wasn't a big deal to me.  More of just an inconvenience.  But hey, maybe the robber reads the pamphlets or book of mormon and becomes converted and his story will be told in General Conference in 20 years or something haha :)
Well besides that good news we had quite the successful week with tracting/handing out copies of the BOM.  Our total was, if you count the 4 BOMs that were stolen, we gave out 16 BOMs.  Not too shabby  haha.  Ironically enough, Tuesday, the day before Wednesday (as you know) which was the day of the robbery, was probably the best day of the month.  It was just an all around good day.  We met tons of new people that were interested in learning more, people who we have trying to meet were actually home, and people we had lost contact with finally answered their phones.  It was way cool.  We were just on a roll!  It was a very sweet feeling.  Im excited for the next few weeks when we will meet with these new people more and help them on their road to salvation. 
So about M...Well lets just say things have got yet again more complicated.  But he still loves having us over and letting him teach him.  I know eventually he will be baptized, but just don't know if it will be this year or 5 years ha.  But we'll keep trying cuz thats what we do.  He complimented me on my khmae this week too so that was really nice.  Still nothing from C.  There was so much potential there.  I just don't know what went wrong. 
We had some awesome dinner appointments this week with members.  Good news, when i was at one of their houses I found out that I can still do standing back flips on the ground.  After like 8 months i did 2 backflips and landed perfectly.  That was cool.  Elder A jumped on the tramp for the first time and it was the scariest thing ever cuz he is super uncordinated and fell off the tramp once ha.   If Trevor Thompson is reading this, it was just like watching Palm on the tramp.
We taught N on Friday who is a new investigator that we met while tracting on Tuesday. He recently moved here from Cambodia so he mostly speaks Khmae.  He is awesome.  He is so friendly and we were able to teach all of lesson one (the restoration) and he just soaked it in.  He wants us to come back.  He didn't come to church but he told us beforehand cuz he was busy.  I feel like he will be the first guy to get baptized out of all our investigators. im really excited for him.  
Hmmm what else? Oh ya next week is Mother's day and i can skype!  Im excited to see/talk to you all!
Just an fyi, a women in my ward here went to St. George a few weeks ago and brought me back some red dirt.  haha.
Yesterday, like most Sundays, we were at the church from 7:30am to 5pm.  We had ward council for Lowell, church, ward council for Heritage Park, church, then a break-the-fast dinner.  Thats a long time to be in one place.  
I hope this email finds you all doing well.  Have a lovely week and here's an early Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful mothers! Especially mine who i love very much and am so grateful for all that she does! Thanks Ma I love you!
There you have it folks.  Have a good one!
     Elder Brady Johnson


  1. Ahh, love Brady. Always so optimistic. I love the fact that he counted the 4 stolen BOM's as part of the 16 he placed! Hey, you never know. Glad he is having some growing experiences.

  2. What a great attitude! Elder Johnson is so good and I appreciate his example of patience and humor. Glad the robbery was to his car and not his person. That must be the added gift to his mother. :)