Wednesday, May 18, 2011


         Boston on P-day, finish line of Boston marathon
           3 Elders share the apartment in Lowell. 
                     Easter fun in Lowell
First off i just want to thank everyone for their letters/emails.  You have no idea how much they strengthen me and help me be a better missionary.  Thanks so much!
Second i found out that i am getting TRANSFERRED!  Crazy huh?  Im pretty sad about it.  I mean i've only been here one transfer and i had just gotten the hang of things here, the members know me now and i know the members and now im leaving.  It was a big shock to all of us sitting around waiting for the "T-texts" (transfer texts).  We were all thinking that Elder W. was going to leave which he is, but no one expected me to go.  We think that we are both going to Lynn and will be with Elder G. again (my comp from the MTC.)  Transfers are tomorrow so that is when i'll find out for sure.  So send mail to the mission home i guess.  I'm a bit confused with this transfer.  It just goes to show that you NEVER know what God has in store for you.  Im gonna miss Elder A. so much!  I just unpacked 8 weeks ago and now i have to pack everything back up today.  
The thing that adds to the bummer of being transferred is that we finally have some solid investigators.  D.  loves having us over and expects us each week.  Hasn't come to church yet.  N.  loves learning from us and always welcomes us in but is not to willing to make any commitments yet, but she is reading the BOM.  Then there is R. who we found just last week.  We met him while tracting a street and he happened to be looking at some houses there and told us to come to his house and we can talk more.  So we went the next day and shared a really spiritual first lesson about the Restoration.  He said that the way we were explaining things that it just made sense.  He also said he can totally relate to Joseph Smith.  We committed him to be baptized on June 12th and he said he would.  He told us that he was getting the chills when we were talking to him and that he is going to read the BOM and come to church.  Im sad i won't be here to see him continue to grow and get baptized.
I'm way sad that D-Hills lost their soccer game.  I feel for them.  It sounds like a tough loss but i've learned from experience that life goes on.  There is no point dwelling on it.  Its just a good way to make you work harder for next year. 
Mom im glad you got a little taste of missionary work last week with the sister missionaries.  Now take those 2 1/2  hours and extend it for all day every day and that is what i do.  And we usually get that one good person probably once every two days or so.  But we do get dinner with the members which i am so grateful for.  But ya, its hard going to appointments and drop-bys and meeting no one huh?  haha Thats how it goes tho.  No worries we keep on keepin on and find those good things, however small they may be.  Elder A. is so good at just being positive and happy about everything.  I've learned a ton from him.  He always says "Don't worry! the Gospel is still true!" 
I got the package of music you sent and love the cd's already.  Music is such a wonderful thing!  Oh speaking of music. A sister here gave us a cd with tons of cambodian music that i can't wait to listen to after the mission.  Brock you are going to love this stuff! maybe i'll send it home for you so you can use it.  
Lastly i just want to ask for some advice from all you returned Missionaries on how we can work with members to get them more involved in missionary work.  We've tried some things but we can do more.   So if you have any ideas or suggestions that helped in your mission, i'd love to hear them and try them out here.  Thanks!
Alright i have to go pack and do some last things in Lowell before I go tomorrow.  Hopefully my leaving so early in the mission means that I will be coming back to Lowell sometime later.  Who knows?  I sure don't, ha.  I love you all so very much!  Keep being the best you can be.  Remember that "Missionaries are the full time teachers, and Members are the full time finders"(Preach My Gospel)
     Elder Brady Johnson
ps it is still cold here, like 45 degrees!  Its May and i haven't seen the sun for like a whole week cuz of rain.  I miss the STG sun and heat!

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