Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Area: Lynn

Wow sounds like alot has gone on at home just like a whole bunch has happened this week.  I think this will be a long email.  First off my new address:
207 Ocean St. #2
Lynn, MA 01902
Im am so proud of/excited for All my friends that are going on missions!  that is so cool.  It makes me so happy to know that they are making good decisions and going out to serve the lord.  They will become apart  of a brethren of missionaries that are united in one cause.  I can't wait to hear about their successes and experiences.  Satan is just gonna get dominated by all of these amazing guys going on missions. Hoorah for Israel!  

Ok i think i covered everything now to my life. So i will start with thursday, the day of transfers.  There were about half of the missionary companionships in our mission at transfer meeting.  A ton of people got transfered.  So how it works is that we are all in a chapel and then they read us off one by one where we are getting transferred to and who will be our companion.  I was thinking that me and Elder W would be going to Lynn with Elder G (my mtc companion for 3 months)  Well it turns out that I am companions to Elder G and elder W got transferred some where completely random and now english speaking.  Ya talk about huge shocker.  Crazy.  Elder G is the driver because my license was stolen a few weeks ago as you all know but if i get it back then i can be the driver, and i really really really want to be the driver for 3 reasons.  One i love driving.  Two Elder G is a little sketchy and three, i don't want to die, which has almost happened multiple times in the last few days haha.  So Mom i hope you are on top of that and will get my new license to me asap! :)
As you can see by my address i am very close to the ocean.  actually it is like 200 yards away from our apartment.  It is really cool.  I love driving down the coast every day.  We live in an apartment on the 2nd floor with the Zone Leaders that speak spanish:  Elder D and Elder T both from Utah.  They are both way awesome and all four of us get along really well and have lots of funny moments and lots of laughs already.  It is so much fun living with more elders.  the people that live below us are a less active hispanic couple with some kids that love soccer. We play soccer with the kids and the parents feed us often or just give us random food.  There are also alot of hispanic kids in the apartment right next door that love soccer so you can bet that we play alot of soccer.  I feel welcomed here already :)  I'm actually really stoked about this transfer because of all the soccer we are going to play, living with Elder D and Elder T is gonna be awesome, and E. Greer and I are working with the Sisters in our ward to make our ward a missionary minded ward.  Not gonna lie i wasn't too happy at first especially cuz i had to leave Lowell, my birthplace.  But now i see that The Lord is giving me some help in adjusting to the new place.  The hardest part is that Elder G and i don't know cambodian all that well....
The teaching pool is alot more shallow here and none are cambodian.  There is only one active cambodian family but they know english really well so we don't translate.  But they are awesome... well at least the  woman, S.  She is so solid in the gospel.  She feeds us every single friday and goes to the temple every single saturday.  And she has been doing that every week since forever! or something like that :)  She is cool and she helps us with khmae cuz we can ask her in english how to say a word and she will tell us how to say it in Khmae. 
Along with having no cambodian investigators, President E has told us to pretty much ignore the english people for awhile and only focus on Cambodians.  Its way hard cuz we spend all day finding/tracting and just go to doors that have a khmae name on the mailbox and nothing really comes out of it cuz the cambodians are spread all over the area.  (oh by the way we cover Lynn, Revere, Malden, and some other cities that i forgot)  So pretty much we do lots of work but don't have much to report as in numbers.  But it will be worth it in the future if we keep working hard now and can get a good pool of cambos to teach. 
In the mean time we have a whole family of Hatians that we are teaching.  They are so golden!  They are actually getting baptized this upcoming sunday, all except one cuz she is too young.  So pray for them that they will meet that date!  I'm way excited for them. 
We also taught this guy from Albania (speaks perfect english) just yesterday.  He came to church last week with a member friend and wanted to learn more.  So we taught him in Bro. B's home and taught lesson 1 and he just soaked it all in!  He was asking questions to be clear and he was taking tons of notes!  It was so cool. haha.  I extended a baptismal date and he accepted!  He will be baptized in june.  Awesome huh?  Pray for him.  He is super golden and he kept saying that he has been confused on what church to join for so long and never felt like he belonged to any church but now he feels like God led him to us and he feels like he belongs.  He said he has never felt so welcomed and loved before.  Im so excited for him as well. 
So ya don't worry about me.  I'll be fine and i fit in well here.  I love you all and am so grateful for your good influences and for all that you do and have ever done for me.  I love my family so much! they are the best!

     Elder Brady Johnson

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