Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Mom you should have snail mailed those notes to me from the family cuz it took 30mins to read.  But it was awesome! I LOVE OUR FAMILY!  I really am part of the very best family in the whole wide world!   Thanks so much for your letters.  I was cracking up out loud in a public library but i didn't care!  You guys are the best! 
First off sorry im writing on Wednesday.  Monday was a holiday, which by the way we did a big service project at the church with our ward and the spanish ward and then after, played indoor soccer. It was me and the 4 spanish speaking elders vs the spanish members and we actually tied them 10-10 in an hour.  It was crazy and way fun. and then Tuesday was too buzy to fit emails into our schedule.  But here goes today. 
I don't know where to begin.... um so we do service at this community soup kitchen type thingy.  We help prepare lunch and then serve it to the homeless or needy.  It is really interesting to see how some people come in there and are super humble because of their circumstances and are so grateful.  Then there are others that have nothing and yet have so much pride and say terrible stuff about the food or the service we provide.  Its just sad.  
Oh guess what? One day, i think last wednesday, we dug two holes... and that is what we did all day haha.  We were helping some members and we had to dig two four foot holes.  Sounds easy but we were diging through rocks the whole time.  Anyways it was tiring but we did it :)
So this week we found some good Khmae streets to track and we talked to alot of cambodians.  It was way fun and i found out that i can speak cambodian!  Ya go figure.  I had some good conversations with people and actually understood what they were saying back to me.  Sometimes i don't know the vocab for stuff but i get the main idea.  And for some reason the people in Lynn are actually impressed that two white kids can speak and read cambodian.  One lady we talked to for like 30mins was asking us if we wanted to marry a cambodian girl haha then she asked us if we would marry her daughter!!!!! hahaha it was awesome... and awkward ha.  Cambodians are very blunt about things.  They tend not to beat around the bush.  I love it.  But still no investigators on the khmae side.
English however is going good.  R and her fam were supposed to get baptized this week but wanted one more week to feel more ready.  So they are getting baptized on june 5th.  Pray that all will go well.  E. is this guy that i mentioned before and he is progressing like crazy!  He loves church, he loves everything we say.  After we get done teaching a principle he just accepts it and says "Amen! that is great stuff."  He came to church on sunday and just went around introducing himself to EVERYONE.  He knows more people in the ward than i do already!  He is so solid.  it is so fun teaching him. and the members love him too.
We had a very inspiring zone meeting where we talked alot about how to work with members and what we needed to do now.  We got a plan and now it is up to each companionship to go forth and follow through with it. Im way excited.  One of the main points is teaching the members the lessons by Clayton Christensen on member missionary work.  I encourage all of you to go online, look it up, read it, and then follow what you learn.  It is so awesome.  I wish i would've known about it before my mission so i couldve been a better member missionary.  Good stuff. Please read it :)
So pretty much i realized one of my favorite parts of serving a mission so far and that is meeting so many new people and learning about them, hearing their stories, and helping them become better members or better people in general.  I love people!  haha I wish all of you could meet some of the people i have met out here.  Some are really cool, some very intelligent, some interesting, some way crazy, and some just hilarious.  It is so great out here!
So last time i talked about needing food because according to the norm, missionaries don't get fed much here.  Well i took care of that and got us tons of dinner appointments for the next two weeks.  So problem gone.  But wait, like always, another one arrives.  Elder D. and Elder T. have decided to go on a diet because they go home in 6 months and want to look good ha.  So seeing as we buy food together we are buying a bunch of low fat stuff and just not alot of food.  I guess its good cuz we eat really healthy now and exercise a ton.  Anyways don't worry about me.
Speaking of Elder D , He is my hero.  I know without a doubt one reason why i was transferred to Lynn, and that was to meet him.  I've learned so much from him already and he has helped me alot.  He is a great leader and very inspiring.  Plus he makes me exercise a ton (more than i want to but its ok cuz im getting strong and stuff haha) and eat healthy.  Pretty much he is a really cool guy and an awesome missionary.  All 4 of us are just way tight now and we have some good times. ha
Ok i think thats all. I love you all so much!  This work is so fun and so amazing.  Jesus Christ is the savior and redeemer of the world.  He did all that he did for us because he loves us.  Look to Him.  Have a wonderful week!

     Elder Brady Johnson

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