Monday, June 20, 2011

Thompson's dog BOOMER DIED?! NOOOOOO!  That is so sad.  Long live the memory of his legacy.  Man what a bummer.  Ok sorry about that, i just loved that dog and that was the first thing that came to my head to write.  anywho...
Mom and Dad, you guys are the best!  I love your letters so much. I don't know what I'd do without them.  Thanks for everything and for your great examples!  Happy Father's day Pops!  Im glad you enjoyed the card.
Oh before i forget, transfers are next week so that means i won't be emailing til next wednesday.  Its a HUGE transfer cuz we are taking in Connecticut, Hartford mission and there is gonna be lots of changes.  there is alot of excitement and whatnot going on right now as we prepare for this big event.  should be fun.
I can't believe my beloved cousin YDOC SICNARF RELTUB is in the MTC!  I would love to receive the emails he sends home and if you could get me his address that would be fantastic cuz then i can write him.  I love the family emails.  They were hilarious and i couldn't stop myself from laughing out loud at the public library.  I tend to do that often and people just look at me weird.  Oh well :)  
Mom i loved the insight you shared about When Christ foretold his apostles that one would betray him and that instead of pointing fingers, they looked inwardly and asked, 'is it I?"  I think that is  so awesome.  It reminds me of what ive been reading in 3 Nephi when Christ is giving the sermon on the temple (mount) and he talks about people being hypocrits and seeing the mote in their brother's eye but not seeing the beam in our own eyes.  We definitly have to fix ourselves before we go about trying to help fix others. 
Alright so now to the news of this week.  We finally have a Cambodian Investigator!!!!!  She  is married to a hispanic man so i don't quite know how they communicate just yet but i guess they both speak some english.  We taught them both actually and the lesson went really well.  (our member we brought, fell asleep haha)  They said that they would pray about the BOM and then think about baptism.  Works for me!  She is also really impressed with our Khmae skills so that is a bonus.  The only problem is that she can't read english or Khmae.  Thats a problem with most cambodians actually.... still haven't figured out a solution to that one.
So about M.  We got her to come to church! Church this week was a special broadcast for the Massachusetts area because President Eyring and President Packer came to re-dedicate  the Long Fellow Park chapel that was burnt down two years ago.  It was not the most investigator friendly church but it was still spiritual.  We went over to her house later on sunday and teach her.  There were lots of people over and we were afraid the lesson wouldn't be good cuz of all the noise and what not.  but once we started teaching, the spirit immediately settled in.  There were some members there actually and they sat in and helped us teach.  We taught the plan of salvation and she seemed to be interested enough in what we were saying.  Then we came to the atonement and that really struck a chord.  We talked alot about How Jesus knows us so personally and has felt all the bad,hard,sad, things in our life.  She kinda got choked up.  We then asked her if she wanted access to the atonement and she said yes.  We told her that the way to do that is through baptism.  We then committed her to baptism.  Then one of the members who is kinda like a second mom to M. just testified so powerfully about her conversion and how everyone in this room and at church loves her and prays for her and cares about her.  We are a family and we will always be there for one another.  M was really touched by the spirit.  the member got up and just hugged her for a very long time and it was jsut so spiritual.  We decided we should just get out of there while the spirit's presence was so strong.  We told her we would set the date next time and we had her grandma, Sister S said the closing prayer in cambodian and she started to cry a bit.  I love teaching M.  I love being able to help her find God and see how much it really is impacting her.  I think alot of us forget or don't realize how lucky we are to have the knowledge that we are children of God.  He is our Heavenly Father and He loves us sooooo much.  WE are so blessed.  I hope you know that.  Don't ever forget it.
We met with R's sister and her kids.  They came to the baptism a few weeks ago and said that we could come over and teach them.  We did so and taught the restoration and it went well. We committed them to baptism and they agreed for the 24th of July.  Its very exciting but i think it will be a lot harder road for them than it was for R and her family but just pray for them.
E is still doing well.  We only have a few lessons left with him and he is pretty solid with the commandments. He really just loves our church and feels a real belonging.  Once again, we are so lucky to belong to this marvelous church.  We often take these things for granted.  but i implore you all to just sit down and think about all the amazing blessings you have as members of the Lord's true church.
Mom yes i would still love to get the letters from Adam, Casey, Daniel, Paco, Kolby, Nick and Trev and whoever you can find.  I love reading those.  Oh and Cody's too.  Thanks for being so awesome mom!  I have the greatest family and i love you all so much!  Keep being so amazing and keep inviting people to the gospel.  as it says in Preach My Gospel, Success as a missionary comes in INVITING!  I encourage all of you to study from PMG daily and become aware of what is in it.  I promise that it will help you in your calling as member missionaries. 
OH and mom, if you are cooking, Peanut butter bars sound real good right about now ;) haha you are the best!  Love you!

     Elder Brady Johnson

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