Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6, 2011

So here's how my week went.  I went on tours (switched companions with the district leader) and went to Lynnfield.  The district leader is Elder N and he is way cool.  He has some crazy experiences and an awesome testimony.  I really learned alot from him and we became close friends in that 24 hr tour.  It was funny cuz we went running in the morning and it just so happened that i was wearing my byu shirt and he was wearing his Utah Utes shirt.  If we were running together in Utah people would think the world was ending or something haha.  He is very bold with people and it is so awesome.  I hope i can be like him.  I feel like i am surrounded by so many good examples here in this area.  I love it. I love learning ways i can become better and then striving to do so.  Good stuff.  Healthy too :)
So While i was in Lynnfield Elder G and Elder M were having tons of success and got lots of potential investigators and one solid new investigator.  Also when i came back me and E. G went to teach this Vietnamese couple that grew up in cambodia and speak cambodian and english.... anyways we taught the first lesson and it was really good.  (we spoke in english and a bit of Khmae).  Then i extended a baptismal commitment and the wife thought for a second then said, Oh i was baptized already.  So we were thinking she was baptized into another church but then she says she was baptized in our church and even told us where it was and it was indeed our church.  So apparently she's already a member.  Haha we run into that way too often.  Her husband is not and they are not active so we will continue to work with them. 
Great news!  R and two daughters got baptized yesterday!  it was very exciting and alot of work to get everything to go smoothly.  Bro B., a ward missionary did the baptizing and it went really well.  The program was awesome and things just worked.  IT was pretty sweet.  They said afterwards that they felt good and clean.  A. said she never wants to sin again! R's youngest daughter couldn't get baptized cuz she is only 6.  She was so sad and said she wasn't gonna leave the church buildiing until she was baptized haha.  So cute!  Im way excited for their family.  They are going to make a great adition to our ward.  Lots of ward members were there to support so that was good.  R's sister was there which was really cool.  She also had along with her, her son and her daughter V. who has been at all the lessons with us and wanted to get baptized but her mom wouldn't allow it.  But now her mom said that we could come to their house and teach V. and her and her son and hopefully they will all get baptized!!!!!!!! that would be so sweet! 
E. has blown us off a bit this week and didn't come to church or the baptism.  He texts us often and says he is still reading the BOM and loves it.  The only problem is getting to meet with him.  so i think we will have to move his baptismal date from june 19th to june 26th or so.  We'll see. 
So i have learned alot about patience and about not making a big deal out of little things and just not getting upset at all.  Its a very hard thing to do and i am continually working on it but it is getting easier and i tend to be in a better mood alot more.  I love what Pahoran says to Captain Moroni in response to Moroni's harsh epistle.  Pahoran forgives him immediately and says "It mattereth not, I am not angry" (Alma 61:9)  So that is what i want to be able to say.  Don't sweat the petty.  Don't make a big deal over something small.
Here is something from the Clayton Christiansen lessons i told you to look up last week.-- Often times when we think of missionary work we make a big list of who would be the best mormon or the most likely to be a mormon and accept the lessons from the missionaries.  But in Matthew 7:1 it says "judge not that ye be not judged."  We cannot tell who will or will not be interested in the gospel.  More often than not it is the people you least expect that will get baptized.  So something that helps us do member missionary work is to not pray for a specific person you can teach and invite to have the missionaries teach, but Pray for a specific date by which you can have a missionary experience and have someone into your homes with the missionaries.And then go out and start inviting.  I promise that if you make an honest effort to open your mouths and start INVITING after setting that date with the Lord, You will have success!  That is a challenge for you all.  So whoever wants to take that challenge please do.  And WHEN, not if, but WHEN, your success happens write me a letter telling about it :)
Thankyou for everything that you all do for me.  I can feel your prayers.  I love you all!  Oh I got my license and all the wonderful letters you have sent recently and im so grateful!  Thanks a bunch.  I will start being the designated driver probably today... hopefully!  Ma get better! I love you! 

     Elder Brady Johnson

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  1. What an awesome Elder. I love his advice about not sweating the small stuff. Send him our love.