Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oh man such a long week.  Where to begin? 
So to start out, right after my last email i sent, E sent us a text saying that he needed a break from us and everything and just needed time to think about it.  He wouldn't answer any of our calls or any of the calls from members who had become his friends.  It was sad to have him drop us but i have a feeling he will come back sometime in the short future.  Not having lessons with him opened up our week a ton so we filled alot of our time with tracting and with trying to find all the inactives and less actives.  And that wasn't very fulfilling either.  We drove around from house to house with our list of members and they were either not ever home, they had moved, or they wanted nothing to do with the church.  That was a downer.  But even tho those things were hard and depressing, we also had alot of good happen.  And that good totally dispels the bad. 
We had another few very good lessons with M. She is progressing very well and really opened up when we brought one of the young women's leaders.  She said that she would now feel comfortable at church and would come to mutual!  She also accepted our baptismal date of August 7th!  She has so much potential.  Being a missionary has really opened my eyes to be able to see people how our Heavenly Father sees all of us.  Sometimes its hard to see.  Maybe i just need some glasses for some people.  Also, R and her kids, are coming along quite nicely.  They all came to church and by the end they loved it.  Now V has always loved it and she is the rock in her family, even tho she is 10.  M wouldn't even come out of his room during our last lesson, but his mom dragged him to church and then we met with him again yesterday and he says he absolutely loves Young Mens and wants to get baptized and go to mutual every wednesday.  So cool!  R said she thought church was very nice and now that she sees how much her children love it, she says it makes her feel really good about baptism.  Im so excited for their family.  Hatian people are just so awesome.  Oh and just fyi R has a bit heavier accent and reads much better in french then english so Dad, you should've taught me more french! haha :)
Other big news, Saturday was T-text night and since it was such a big deal, we went with the ZL's down to the park on the beach at night to wait for the texts.  It was sooooo nerve racking!  We all knew that at least one of us would be leaving (because of the big transfer and adding in the Connecticut mission)  But our zone came and went and no changes happened for our apartment!  So we are all staying together!  Im so glad.  I love these Elders that i get to live with.  I hope that you all will get to meet them someday.  So of course, after receiving the good news, we celebrated by the zone leaders taking a break from their diet for the night and we had ice cream and some cake. 
This morning we got up at 4:40am to go to a beach in Nahant(just south of Lynn) with the whole zone.  Apparently it is a tradition for this zone to go on the last p day of each transfer and watch the sun rise.  It was a little cloudy but still was pretty awesome.  I've decided that i really love living close to the ocean.  Then we went to our chapel and played alot of indoor and volleyball.  Good stuff.  I love being a missionary! Just if you didn't know :)
Mom i love that fortune you sent about "Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want." It is soo right.  I love it.  I think that is my new life motto. "whats a motto?- Idon't know, whats a motto with you?" --Name that movie!   
To answer your question/ statement about Mitt Romney in the election, alot of people know who we are when we say, " have you ever heard of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints?" "the who???" "the Mormon Church." "oh ya Romney is a mormon right?"  Ya that happens quite a bit.  Brother Romney is actually in our stake i think.. or maybe the the boston stake, but ya some missionaries have been to dinner at his house.  Cool huh?  We also have a member in our ward that works with the Romney Campagn so thats cool.  It drives Elder G. absolutely crazy not knowing what is going on in the Political stuff and what is going on in the world.  Before his mission, he was very up to date and in the know of everything. 
Alright this letter is long enough.... and i can't think of what else to say.  I just wanted to share with you something i learned in personal study this week.  I read 3Nephi 19:3 and It talks about people laboring to be where christ will show himself on the morrow.  And it made me think, Are we "laboring Exceedingly... that we might be... in the place where Jesus should show himself?'  Are we doing everything that we can to prepare and be personally ready so that if Jesus was to come tomorrow, would we be where He will show himself?  Ask yourself that.  It reminds me of Alma 5 which is one of my favorites.  I have written by the Chapter heading- "The Great Personal Interview".  Go back and read that.  Ask yourselves the same questions he asks.  And then start NOW to make sure you are putting yourself in a place where Jesus will show himself. 
I love what i am doing.  Im so grateful to be here serving these people.  I love Christ is my Savior.  He has saved me so many times already.  And he continues to save me.  And it is my priveledge to help others be saved by Him.  This is His work.  I love this gospel.  And i love you!  Have a wonderful 4th of JULY! 
     Elder Brady Johnson

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