Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July in Boston

Oh family i have so much to respond to and so much to tell and just soooooo little time.  Here we go! 
Dad i can't believe... well ok i can but still, that is crazy that you are going to all those BYU football games! That will be way fun.  Next year my roommate elder dawe will be on that team that you will be watching. 
Sounds like brock has been dang busy.  I guess that explains why he doesn't write to me.  I expect a long letter one of these days from Brock telling me all about his crazy busy and fun summer. Good luck at the ODP thing.  Do Work bro!
Nikki i got your letter and im kinda confused at how totally random that was.  But I feel like those kids are exactly who me adam, dawson, daniel, and trevor were like when we were that age haha.
Man i just sounds like you guys are all having tons of fun!   Dad, you and i better be going to the world cup in brazil in 2014! That would be soooo awesome.  So start getting your connections so we can go! Knowing you, you will probably find a way for us to go for free haha.  I love all of your connections!
I just gotta say that i REALLY miss are totally random and hilarious moments at the dinner table as a family. haha such good times.  Thanks mom and dad for always stressing having us together for family dinner almost every night.  I look back now and i wouldn't trade those little moments for anything.  I Love you guys so much!  Oh and mom sorry for not telling you that i got your package.  But i did and it was the BEST!  I ate nearly all of the peanut butter bars that day and i ate the banana bread pretty much by myself too haha they were so good.  Thanks mom! 
Ok so now for my side, Transfers happened and connecticut and Rhode island are now part of our mission.  We had a huge mission conference in belmont and got to meet lots of people.  Some good friends from the mtc are now in my mission so that is cool.  Elder B (from Cambodia) is getting trained in the english program but he is in my district so we see him alot! He is hilarious.  I love foreigners haha they are jsut so funny.  We had another zone meeting this week and our zone leaders have been working way hard and we have some sweet new plans to get this area to pick up.  It is gonna take alot of work but i feel like by the end of these next few transfers, this area will be hoping.  Just so you guys know, our mission is known as one of the hardest missions in the world.  Many apostles have said so.  But we are going to change that.  Maybe not this transfer or the next or the next, but we are starting this big change.  It is so awesome to be a part of this mission at this time and be able to make a difference. 
R and her family are doing really well still.  M is solid.  Not a whole lot of updates on them cuz they have been buzy and hard to meet with during this holiday.  We did lots and lots of tracting cuz we just didn't have anything else to do.  Out of all the tracting we did we got a good number of potential investigators that i am really excited about.  we are going to be meeting them this week so ill let you know how it goes.  Still no word from E. 
Ok so now to the 4th of July. We spent most of the day in Boston just walking around.  We were with the Cambodian elders in Lowell plus elder newsome and elder ban so that means both elder ban and elder ang were with us and it was a party.  Man elder A is still just as funny!  Those two cambodians crack me up.  Elder B is a bit more serious than elder A but he is just as witty haha.  We just kinda wandered around for the day and it was just fun being in boston.  later at night like at 8pm we went down town and it was completely empty cuz everyone was gathered by the charles river waiting for the fireworks and watching the Boston Pops. So it was kinda like I Am Legend status.  It was almost creepy walking threw the empty streets.  So some how we had some sweet hookups for our zone and the cambridge south zone to get to watch the fireworks in a skyscraper overlooking the charles river!  So ya we were 32 floors up it a sweet office with an awesome view of boston and the fire works.  It was sooooo cool!  And president gave us permission to be out late so we got to watch it all. I have some good videos and pictures that i will send as soon as you send back my other memory card :)  So with all the traffic and stuff afterwards, we got home at like 1am.  So ya long day but so worth it.  We had a blast and i love Boston soooo much!  I want to serve in the city so bad.  Its just got this awesome feel to it. 
I don't really know what else to say.  im kinda tired from the late night so i can't really think straight haha.  But i was reading  the conference talks again this week and each one has so much for me to learn and do to become a better person.  I love reading the words of the prophets. of the talks i read, Elder Christofferson's really hit me hard.  It definitely applies to me.  It says in there that we need to "willingly accept and even seek correction."  In order to become the best person you can be you need to be constantly refining yourself.  I love his analogy of the gardener with the bush.  The Lord knows what He is doing and knows your potential.  So i encourage you all to accept and seek correction and then apply it in your lives and become who God wants to you become. 
I love you all so very much and i am very grateful for the letters prayers and support you all give.  Keep being such amazing individuals! 
OH MAN HOLD ON A SECOND!  I can't believe i almost forgot!  so when we were tracting this last week some guys told us to come over to talk. So we did.  They started trying to bash with our beliefs and what not and so we jsut bore testimony of what we knew was true and invited them to read the book of Mormon.  They then said how about we invite you to our pentecostal church so we said we'd come! You should've seen the look on their faces right then and when we showed up at their church the next day.  Let me tell you, that pentecostal church was INSANE!!!!!! hahaha  Their was tons of loud music and singing and shaking and just weird stuff. OH and guess what? it was all in spanish hahahahahahaha that was the best part haha.  They tried to have translators but it was so loud in there that we could barely hear ourselves think.  So ya nothing came out of it but it was a good experience :)  Some people are just so confused and lost and they don't even know it. Its sad.
anyways i gotta be going.  Love you bye!
Elder Brady Johnson

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