Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011

Here goes another round of my completely random letters.  Im just gonna write stuff as i think about it.  Hope you all can follow along :)
Im sorry Brock's soccer team got worked this weekend, but the thing with soccer is its gotta be the whole team or you got nothing.  Just like in a companionship on a mission. You have to be unified and both at the top of your game if you want to have the spirit with you and have success. And to Sawyer, aka little Lii, i hear you dominated in soccer!  Way to go bro!  Keep it up and make sure you beat up Chunn every once in awhile to keep him humble :) Its good to hear that coach Hunt is still coaching!  Someone that good at coaching needs to keep coaching.  Tell Coach Hunt thanks again for everything!- the opportunity to play soccer and the amazing example from him. 
Dad, the cambodian hymn book only has about 50 songs or so and i don't think any of them are pioneer songs so no i don't know how to sing them.  I do know how to sing other ones tho.  I wrote my own translation of Nearer My God to Thee cuz its one of my favorites and it isn't in our hymn book.
Mom, i'd encourage you to read the talk by Pres. Uchtdorf called Things That Matter Most from october 2010 conference i think.  Your life only fills up and makes you feel caught up with everything if you let it.  Hakuna Matata mom, it means no worries :)  As my good friend Chad Call used to say, Don't sweat the petty, Pet the sweaty! don't ask me what it means cuz i don't know :) haha. It really is easy to let yourself get all worked up and stressed and what not, even as a missionary. But just take a step back and think.  I have learned to do this alot and the lord has blessed me with patience and understanding. 
Speaking of patience, Chapter 6 in preach my gospel is on the Christ-like attributes.  I encourage you all to study from that chapter and especially use it in your family home evenings.  I promise you that as you study these attributes you will begin to have them and you will notice the change in yourselves.
So as you all probably know, this last week was a scorcher here in the east.  Talk about hot!  I felt right at home.  The best part was, We had no appointments from 2-6pm on friday and saturday so guess what we did during the hottest part of the day on the hottest days of the year? Yup, TRACTING!  Elder B (from cambodia) was on tours with me those days so we went tracting in the heat and sweated alot and knocked alot of doors and had a little of success.  But you know what? i didn't complain at all. I was loving it.  It definitely helps when you have a hilarious companion with the best attitude i've ever seen.  I learned alot from him about attitude and i hope i can become like him.  At one point we got rejected and i said "Ah man."  Then i asked Elder B, "how do you say dang or ah man, or something to express disappointment, in cambodian?" and he said something back that was so profound, " i don't know.... I don't really use any of those words cuz i don't ever feel that way."  me: "really, why not?"  Elder B: " well cuz i've already felt disappointed/discouraged/mad once before and its not a good feeling-i don't like it.  So why would i let myself feel that way again?"  How awesome of an attitude is that????!!!! Man the people i learn from here on my mission are just incredible.  I have so many good examples here to learn from just as i had when i was home.  I am so blessed.  My goal is to become like Elder B! and im gonna reach it!
So really cool thing happened this week. We taught a native guy from Liberia...i think, and had the most perfect first lesson ever!  Did i mention he was blind?!  Ya get this, we are talking about Joseph Smith's vision and we ask, "so what do you think about all this?" He said, " well in the bible it says that You can know a prophet by their fruits, So what are the fruits of Joseph Smith?"  We told him about the BOM and he told us that he wants the copy of the BOM in Braille!  Good thing we have one at our church.  Just FYI the braille BOM is 7 or so Huge binders!  And he can't wait to read it all.  He also said a prayer for us at the end and prayed that his whole family would want to listen to us missionaries next time we came. And he has a HUGE family.  so Im way stoked for him.  His name is G.  He is awesome. 
OH last p-day there was a sand sculpting competition at Revere Beach so we got to go see that, and it was incredible.  I'll send pics soon :)
Oh sad news.  We found a new investigator, a 17yr old, taught a lesson, he accepted a baptism date and then we came back a few days later and his step mom told us to never come back again... Well hopefully he finds us when he is 18.
Wednesday President Evans picked me and Elder G. up cuz we were in big trouble, Taa leng (jk).  He picked us up on the way to meet with all the Cambodian elders (7 of us now)  for a preparation meeting for Water Festival aka the huge Khmae holiday that we get to go to and have a booth and be around thousands of cambodians and hopefully get tons of new investigators.  It was way fun getting all of us together.   Elders A and B in the same room was just hilarious.  We discussed things like what we need, what our main focus/theme will be (Families) and lots of stuff.  it was a good solid meeting and we have another one in a few weeks and lets just say im way stoked for Water Festival.  It is August 20th i think, and in Lowell.  It was also fun just riding with President Evans and talking to him and what not.  He is such an awesome, humble and funny man.  I love him so much.  His dad was the apostle Richard L. Evans if you older folks remember him.  Pretty cool.
ok im done :)
PS. if you can't tell, i am in just a great mood! Last week was just awesome. Lots of good things.  I hope it carries over to this week. If not, im not gonna let my attitude change. Keep smiling :)  I LOVE YOU ALL! 
pps you all can write me letters if you want cuz thats always fun! Mom, keep sending those letters from my friends, i love them!  isn't it so awesome how i have so many amazing friends serving amazing missions?  I feel like alma and the sons of mosiah.  I can't wait til we reunite and have the same experience as all of them.  I wonder who will be like ammon and faint? haha probably adam :)

     Elder Brady Johnson

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