Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1, 2011

As you can see by the title of the email, “I gots no time.”  So i probably wont respond to anything people said this week so i can have time to let you in on whats going on here.  Sorry :)

Where to begin?  How about i go day by day: Monday me and elder greer made cookies for the A. family because the mom was sick (and that was why they didn't come to church) We gave them to the kids that night and then came back later that week and Sis. A was praising us like crazy!  She thought it was the nicest thing and that they were homemade and all. (it was just store bought cookie dough but baked with Love :) haha  So that helped her open up to us more.  We haven't been able to meet with her very much but we have an appointment tonight.

Tuesday: We had a good lesson with Bro. B  and he committed to come to church! and he did show up sunday, but ill get to that later.

Wednesday  Was Elder T's Birthday so we, being the best housemates and companions, we woke him up by singing to him and then at lunch we pulled out a ice cream cake we had hid from him and lit a match on it and sang again.  It was pretty epic.  We also got him a sweet card with Belle from beauty and the beast on it.  Let’s just say we made his day!  Then elder G and i hit the streets.  We were having a grand ol time getting doors shut on us and what not but just laughing and loving life (we were definitely having the kinda attitude Elder B taught us), when all of a sudden we knock on a door, a lady answers and is on the phone, thinks about it, and then says, do you want to come in? We of course said YES!  She told us that she had met missionaries 15yrs prior and had lost the book they had given to her.  We taught a great first lesson and at the end we asked her if she believed what we said.  She told us that she really wants to believe, she is just a little skeptical.  WE told her that was ok and that we knew that she could find out for herself through reading and continuing meeting us.  She then told us that when she first opened the door she really wanted to tell us to leave and shut the door. But as she was about to do so she told us that "something" had told her to let us in.  How cool is that? And now she wants to meet with us again!  I’m pretty stoked.  

Thursday, well let me just write what i wrote in my journal for that day:  "Have i mentioned how great it is to be a missionary of the Savior Jesus Christ?! Well it’s amazing! I am loving it.  I love the people- Ward members and investigators.  I love Elder G and Im so grateful for him (Im pretty sure that my mission call is not to the Boston mission but to the Elder G  mission  because we have been together 5 out of 7 months haha)  I love teaching, contacting and tracting. I just love doing this work.  I am especially grateful for Heavenly Father's help in me changing my attitude and becoming more optimistic.  He has definitely opened my eyes to see ONLY the good in things/people.  This is something i will continue throughout my life.  Life really is so much funner and better when you are optimistic!"  Ya things are just going really good.  Try being optimistic.  I dare you :)  You won't be disappointed :)
Friday: We had a way intense district meeting on Goals.  Goals reflect the desires of our hearts-Preach my gospel page 148 i believe.  I encourage you all to read PMG pages148-149 about goals.  If we don't set good specific goals, we will reach a ripe old age only to look back at our life full of regrets.  Have no regrets people.  Oh and M is coming along.  She is getting nervous for her baptism but she is still set to do it next week!  Pray for her please!  PS who among you have read the Clayton Christensen lessons i told you about yet, HUH?  We have taught a few families and we are already some fruits from them.  Our Elders Quorum president, Bro. B aka my favorite person in our ward and also a convert for only 3 years said that "These lessons are what every member of the church needs to learn."

Saturday we were on a role with lessons with several Africans.  We taught E from Cameroon, Ge (blind guy) from Liberia, and I. from Uganda! They are all doing pretty well but none came to church this week. On Sunday we also taught this guy, T, from Africa...we don't remember where exactly.  Africans are where it’s at!  They really know their bible and they are also very humble and willing to learn. 

So ya Sunday Bro. B came and he wore and outrageously ridiculous hawaiin shirt but i loved it! He participated a lot in sunday school when we talked about the good samaritan and service.  Kinda cool.  We have a lesson with him tonight so we will see how he liked church. 

Now today we have another Cambodian planning meeting and then a big soccer game with lots of missionaries and that is where i must run off to.  I love you all and am so grateful for all the letters packages and prayers.  It truly is inspirational and motivational thinking about all the people that are praying for me and all the missionaries.  I Love truly love this work.  The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is So True!  I know it is.  Be Good!  Love yous guys! (pronounced "use guys"-it means y'all in the boston accent)

PS if Chase J. is reading this, I love you man! and im way stoked about you getting your mission call! My only question is, WHY didn't you write me a letter and tell me? Geez :)

     Elder Brady Johnson

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