Monday, August 15, 2011

So as a district leader i now do reporting with my district and then the zone leaders on wednesday and sunday and then i also do baptismal interviews for the people in my district.  thats what im most excited about.  plus being able to be closer to other missionaries and try to help them.  Our district isn't doing so hot.  Me and Elder G are doing really well and being blessed with alot of success so my goal this transfer is to find a way to bring the other areas up. I've already been blessed with revelation for them and i guess we'll see if what i suggested will have good affects. 
R, M, and V are still on for the 28th of August.  We've been meeting with M separately so that we could really focus on his concerns and it has turned out to be the best idea for his personal progression.  R has had a huge turn around. We have had some solid lessons with her this last week with Bro C (who she absolutely adores) and another brother in the ward.  She also agreed to let us come twice a week to finish teaching her in time.  So really good news with them. 
I wish i could play the piano better becuase, believe it or not, i play the piano every week for district meetings and have been for the last 4 transfers! Im getting pretty good at the same 7  hymns haha. Now i take time before district meeting to practice and learn more hymns. 
School starting already?  I can't believe Brock and Stacy have a class together!  Im so jealous.  I wish i could've had a class with someone in my family.  Brock take good care of our baby sis would ya? thanks!  Sorry to hear that mom got pulled into PTA AGAIN. haha mom you were just made for that you know :)
I have a little shout out for L O so i hope he reads this.  I am so impressed with him.  That is huge that he has stuck with his decision to go on a mission at the expense of his bball scholarships.  I think that is awesome and i know he will be blessed immensely for it. You are a great example to me.  I promise you that the mission will change your life and that you wont have any regrets by serving it.  Im so excited for you to come out here soon and join the ranks of the Army of God.  It really is the most important thing we can be doing at this time of our lives.  It is our Duty as Priesthood brethren as President Monson once said.  I love it.  Im proud of you L, and I can tell you that the Lord is too. 
M was confirmed a member this week so now she is officially a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints aka the kingdom of God on earth.  Sadly, her mom didn't come but we will keep working with her.  She has a testimony deep down.  Our job is to help her find it in herself.
So at district meeting (which went good by the way) we do a prayer roll each week for the investigators that are struggling plus we all put something on it that we want the district to help us personally with.  I know that the lord hears our  prayers.  It is truly amazing that we have the priviledge to communicate with the all powerful all knowing Heavenly Father every day whenever we need him. We are so blessed with the comfort of knowing that He is always there listening.  I challenge you all to try and make your prayers more meaningful this week.
Saturday was not the best day. just to sum it up we had appointments fall thru that we had to pick up members and then take them home and there was really bad traffic all day and it just wasn't our day.  We did make out a really solid appointment with a guy from iraq who is a christian and a refugee who is very interested in what we have to offer.  So ya saturday we used 70miles and were in the car a total of 3 and a half hours! Ya.... we are probably going over our allotted miles this month....
Oh just fyi WATER FESTIVAL is this weekend in Lowell and all of us cambodian elders get to go and we have a booth and everything.  It is a huge Khmae holiday.  I will tell you all about it next week. 
Just as a parting thought, we were talking with a member about 1 Nephi 11:3 i think and the angel asks Nephi, "What desirest thou?".  What do we desire?  When we look inside ourselves and really ponder that question, what do we desire?  Munch on that and ill see you next week.  Love you peeps!

     Elder Brady Johnson

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