Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Alright family and friends get ready for some random bits of information, answers to questions and little thoughts that come to my head.  Im just gonna list it all offf in no real order.  Ready, set......GO!
Brock you are a stud!  So glad to here that your soccer team stepped it up a bit in Park City. Mom way to step up and take care of that boy who broke his jaw.  I bet that kid's parents were very grateful for what you did.  My friends all love you cuz of your kindness and generosity and hospitality... well cept towards Adam but he totally deserved what he got hahahaha jk :) Our soccer game last p day went way good.  I was super sore from doing squats a few days before so i wasn;t at full speed but i still scored 2 goals to help our team win :)  I guess i haven't lost all of my soccer skill.  I never really thought about continuing soccer after the mish but last month or so, i just had this feeling that i need to at least try out. So thats what im gonna do.  And yes mom one of my biggest goals is to have a restaurant where i can go to and say, "ill have to Usual." and have them know exactly what i want. haha that would be so awesome.
YAAAYYY Stacy!!! Way to go on making to soccer team! Im so proud of you!  You are such an example of hard work and determination to me.  Good luck with the season.  Thats way cool that Kylie got to stop by and you guys could have a nice chat.  I am still working out with Elder D and now i weigh 190 and most of it is muscle.  Im pretty stoked about it  ha.
Oh by the way, T texts (transfer texts) came this saturday and our apartment still stands!  WE all are staying again and we are all pretty stoked!  I love Elder D, Elder T and Elder G!  We have alot of fun together and are continually learning from each other.  Oh and guess what?  President has assigned me to be the New District leader.  Im pretty excited about it because i will get to interact with other missionaries more and help them when they need it.  It also involves reporting each week and planning district meetings and going to lots of leadership meetings but it should be fun.  Elder N was the district leader but he goes home this week.  Im gonna miss him.  He really taught me a ton and i have some big shoes to fill as district leader.  My first district meeting is friday so we'll see how that goes haha.
Im glad you enjoyed my pictures and videos. And yes i agree with you, they are very weird and random.  Just wait til you see some of the ones we have been filming this last week haha.  We sung "High On a Mountain Top" this morning with the zl's cept i sung in Khmae, Elder D in Spanish, Elder T in English, and Elder G in Chinese.   Haha it was epic.  I also ate the Ghost Pepper, something the ZL's brought home and told me to eat it.  so i did.  yup it was hot.  but did we get an awesome movie out of it.  You betcha!  ..... The things i do for for the entertainment of others.... :)
 So this sunday was a special day if you didn't know.   IT was the day that M got baptized!!!!!!!  So Sweet.  So first, at church, her whole family, that is her 3 brothers that are baptized already, her grandma (of course), her grandpa who is pretty less active recently, and Her MOM ( inactive) came!   and that was huge.  She seemed to  have a really good time at church and really enjoyed the baptism.  K pause on  that and let me rewind to last thursday which was malina's batismal interview.  Elder N. interviewed her and everything went swimmingly.  While the interview was happening we had the chance to talk to her mom.  We had a very good conversation and found out that she has been thinking about coming to church for awhile, she is just scared that she has forgotten everything.  We told her that we can help her and teach her and that the Lord always forgives and that He wants her to come to church.  We challenged her to pray with her kids that night and She did!  The kids were so happy too.  OK now to the baptism.  It went very very very well.  Bishop baptized her and the spirit was very strong.  It was so amazing being apart of all that.  We have been working with M since the End of may.  Its been alot of work and she has been awesome and progressing and opening up each time we met with her. She kept commitments and finally she was baptized.  Such a rewarding experience.  We still plan on working with her and her family because we want to get them all back into church and active and do it as a family.  I realized that one of the reasons, if not the only reason,  i learned Khmae was so i could have the chance to meet this family and help them.  We still have a lot of work to do but we have made the first step.  One of these days i will give you some background of this family, the S family. They have been through a lot and Sis S. has been faithful through it all.  Its truly amazing.
We are having a tough time meeting with our other investigators.  We have a lot, its just that we can't ever meet with them :(  its quite frustrating cuz we look at our board, full of people we should be busy teaching with and yet each day we have 2-4 hours of tracting.  But we have some pretty cool experiences while tracting.  Not anything like people wanting to get baptized right away or even want to hear more, but the Lord shows us tender mercies to let us know He is there.  oh ps alot of the tracting we've done this week was in the rain.  It would be perfectly fine when we start, but once we got far from our car, it would rain haha.  Oh well, it builds character, right?
We had a lesson with G (the blind guy) and we just read 3 Nephi 11. We took turns reading and he read with us using braille. IT is SO COOL!  You guys gotta find a blind guy who reads braille and have him show you cuz it is wicked awesome.  anyways, after we got done reading he really liked it and said that none of it disagrees with the bible. We tried to commit him to baptism but he said no, and that he will make a decision after he learns more. 
R, V, and M are progressing really well.  They are scheduled for the 28th of this month for baptism and things seem to be going well. they came to malina's baptism and really enjoyed it.  M said that it calmed a lot of nerves he had about it.  R said, kind of jokingly, "Maybe ill be the next one..." .  Im excited for them.  We take bro C with us and they all love him.  Im sure i've told you about bro. C before but if not, he is a convert to the church of about 50 years (he is 70), He is very knowledgable about the gospel, he is a temple sealer, him and his wife have us over every two weeks to do our laundry and eat dinner, and He is SUPER deaf!  Hahahha it cracks me up.  He is probably my favorite person i've met out here.  He refuses to use his hearing aids and we were teaching them one of the clayton christensen member missionary lessons and he kept saying, "WHAT?" and so his wife, who always makes hilarious remarks at him says, "put your hearing aids in, stupid." and he says, "But my life would be so dull with my hearing." hahahaha I want to be him when im old haha.
Ok so i think i got everything out that i wanted to say.  Whew.  Hope you guys followed that.  Wow you know how true this church is? wow, it is just so true.  It becomes so apparent to me more and more every day.  It is truely something special.  Thanks for supporting me and helping me get to where i am today.  Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer.  He is always there for us.  "Oh sweet the Joy this sentence gives- I know that my Redeemer lives."  We are so lucky to have this hope and foundation to hold onto. Don't ever let it go.  I love you all!  Be good.  Choose the Right. And be a missionary.  Don't be afraid to share the gospel.


     Elder Brady Johnson

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