Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane- What?

So im guessing you all are wondering what happened aren't ya.  Well...... lets begin at the beginning of the week.  We go to the gym every morning and they have the news on so we were the first missionaries to know about the hurricane and not gonna lie, we were stoked for this cool new life threatening experience, as every 19yr old boy would be.  So as the storm got closer President had us all preparing for evacuation if necessary and getting provisions and what not.  We, living a street away from the ocean thought for sure we would either see some crazy stuff or get evacuated so we prepared our house big time.  We pretty much made a bunker...even tho we live on the 2nd floor ha. We have all of our possessions in our big bedroom, have the windows boarded up with tables and what not and we were prepared.  No hurricane was gonna get us. so Saturday comes and news goes out that church is cancelled, so there goes our baptism.  Plus we are "red Dotted" which means we are not allowed to drive sunday.  So we were thinking this was gonna be bad.  Sunday comes and NOTHING! at least for our area.  We had a bit of wind and rain but honestly i've seen worse rain storms and wind in St George, Utah! We were all pretty bummed that nothing "cool" happened.  But apparently it was really bad in other areas.  
Sunday since we couldn't go anywhere, us four elders played games and did alot of chillin.  At about 4pm we were going stir crazy so we went out into the pretty gusty wind and went to the beach to see the ocean/see if there was any damage.  It was pretty crazy being out there in the wind and bit of rain and just imagining what it would be like if we had actually got hit. It would've been insane, but we still kinda wish something would've happened, you know, just to say that we had live through it or whatever haha.  All in all it was a good day of rest. it actually felt like a sunday ha cept for no church.  But for us missionaries, sundays are usually the most stressful days so this was a nice break.  And now we have p day so we pretty much had a vacation this weekend.  So ya, there you have it.  Pretty lame huh?  I'm not impressed ha.
Anyways....  So it sounds like everyone back home is doing good.  Brock is still being a stud on the football field.  And Stacy, thats really too bad about the stress fracture of you foot, i know how you feel, cept i was at college when i practically broke my ankle and had no one to baby me when i got hurt ha so make sure to take advantage of that :) 
Guess what? this was the first week of my mission that i didn't receive a single letter. I had a pretty good streak going but you all are slacking ;)  All the older missionaries always say, "oh just wait, there will come a time when you will be forgotten and you won't get letters and then you will know how we feel." haha i always say, "Nah its not gonna happen to me." So don't make me a liar :) If it feels like i am guilt tripping you into writing more letters then, Good-that was the plan :) I just would love to know what is going on in peoples lives you know?  I do enjoy the emails that i get as well so thanks for those :)
Ok so we have some awesome things coming up this week.  The baptism will happen this week so that will be sweet.  but we also taught G and gave him the audio book of mormon and had an awesome lesson with him about prophets and he told us that he believes the book of mormon is true and that Joseph smith is a prophet called of God.  So we invited him to be baptized and at first he was worried about be baptized twice but we explained about authority and what not and he accepted. At that moment his kids came in and started asking lots of questions so we weren't able to extend a date for baptism but now they are our investigators too!  If we could get his whole family that would be so awesome.  I love G so much!  He is such a good person and loves God so much. He knows a ton about the bible and he is loving the book of mormon.  We will teach him again saturday so i'll let you know how it goes. Our goal is to get him and his family to church.
We have some other investigators with alot of promise so we'll see what happens.
On Tuesday i got to go on tours with Elder D since im am the district leader and the zone leaders tour all the district leaders each transfer.  It was way fun! We just went out and worked.  Taught a lesson to some way awesome people just on their porch and they are really interested and we have some return appointments with them.  We also did some tracting and we just had a great time.  Elder D is such a good guy.  He has taught me so much and given me alot of advice. He also is my personal trainer ha.  We work out together every morning and he pushes me.  A few more months with him and i could be ready to go play college football with him haha.  Just FBI (For Brock's Information) I benched 235 today!  I used to only be able to do 185, but since working with elder dawe ive gotten way stronger.  Im gonna make sure that Brock can't beat me up after my mission :)
You know, i think that is about it. Not a whole lot went on this week as alot of our time was spent preparing for Irene.  Oh and i didn't feel no earthquake... so this week was a let down for natural disasters for me.  
Well peeps, i love ya! 
oh ps.  This week a principle has popped up multiple times for me so i think it something God wants me to learn and so i shall share it with you.  As it says in Luke 6:41 or so... Make sure you take care of the beam in your own eye before you try to fix the mote in someone else's.  it takes Humility but it is the best thing you can do.  Let your pride go.

     Elder Brady Johnson

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  1. So, glad he survived all of the natural disasters! He sounds awesome as usual. I love his little scriptural challenges at the end of each letter.