Monday, July 11, 2011

Hola mi familia!  sorry i have been around spanish people alot today and been working on my spanish ha.  I plan to be fluent in spanish by the end of my mission along with Cambodian.  Anyways, we don't have a whole lot of email time and honestly im just not in the writing mood.  but i will do my best to write something that is worthwhile :)
I loved the emails from everyone. It is so fun hearing about what you are up to and staying involved in your lives. Keep it up :)  Brock it sounds like that soccer camp in Oregon was pretty crazy but alot of good experience. Im so jealous of you!  You are gonna be so much better than me at soccer by the time i get home.  You'll have to teach me how to play again.  Way to be a missionary up there!  That is so awesome you had that experience.  im so proud of you!  Keep being that light and that example. 
Mom, i think that Adam Ott didn't just appreciate you writing to him, he absolutely loved it! He bragged to me about it haha. Oh and about me not using my debit card, i use my mission money credit card for almost everything cuz that is what we are supposed to do. I don't know, im just trying to save my own personal money as much as i can so i will have something to come home to, you know?
That is so cool that Stacy and Brock have Trek! I loved trek so much!  Our stake here just had trek and L (recent convert) went and absolutely loved it!  Oh man speaking of that family, they are so awesome!  I love them so much.  It is like they have been in the church their whole lives.  I wish you could meet them.  Little A (6) is so sassy and has so much attitude. It cracks me up.  They are planning on doing baptisms for the dead in august! 
Things are going really good here in our area.  WE have lots of good investigators with baptismal dates like M, R, M and V.  And we have alot of others that are on the way. The only downer is that nothing cambodian is happening.  I haven't taught a lesson in Khmae in more than a month. I do speak it when i can and im getting quite good but i just want to be immersed.  Thats why im starting to learn spanish cuz 7 out of 10 people we tract into are spanish.  But im really not focusing on espanol yet but just doing bits. I can contact, like say who i am and that im a missionary for the church and that i have friends that speak spanish and i can ask them for their name number and address.  its a start.
So about the plans that the zone leaders have made.  So i talked to you about the Clayton Christensen Member Missionary Lessons. Well we are now trying to go family by family and teach them these lessons.  There are 3 lessons that we plan to teach one lesson per week.  And these lessons are amazing.  I wish i would've known how to be a member missionary before my mission.  I encourage everyone to read and studies those lessons if possible.  For our ward, our ward mission leader announced it in ward council but we have to do a lot of training.  We have to start with one or two families and hopefully it spreads and people will let us teach them.  Clayton Christensen talked to all of us at the mission conference last week and said that most members aren't doing missionary work cuz they just don't know HOW.  So our job as missionaries teaching these lessons is to help them learn how.  So even if you know how, please look into those lessons and see what he says.  So many apostles have told us that the church is not going to keep growing unless the members start getting involved. if you want to know how to get involved, read those lessons. I bet they are on or something.
This morning we went with the spanish zl's to move a piano for one of their members.  We had to move a piano from their neighbors house to theirs and it was very very difficult and took a long time but we got it!  The lord definitely blessed us with some extra help when two guys hopped in to help us.  so ya thats why i was around spanish people and what not...
I feel like there is more but i can't think of anything. plus we need to go shopping and clean our apartment.  I love you all very very much and am so grateful for your prayers and letters. They really boost me up when im down.  You guys are the Best! have a fabulous week!
Love,  Elder BradyJohnson
PS here is the link to the 3 lessons i talked about in my email.  Please read it and try to be member missionaries.  This is a great tool for Dad as ward mission leader. also the website: by itself is really good.  Love ya

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