Monday, June 13, 2011

June 13, 2011

Things are going pretty good here in Lynn.  R and her daughters got confirmed yesterday and we had two really solid lessons with E this week and with members present each time. Plus some members took him to Fathers and Sons last weekend and we didn't even know. GO Ward members! That was huge!  He is really fitting into this ward.  His baptism is now set for July 3rd and he seems set on that.  This upcoming week we should be meeting with investigators with alot of potential and we are hoping they will become progressing investigators. 
Ok so you know how i've talked about Sister S? she is the sweet cambodian lady that feeds us every friday and goes to the temple every saturday and goes to church every sunday and has been for pretty much 20yrs and has only missed doing that a few times.  Her grandchildren come to church with her tho all except one. This one has never opened up to the missionaries or even said more than two words to all the missionaries but Elder G has been working hard to get here to sit and eat with us or talk to us or anything.  Finally we broke through!  She agreed to let us teach her the first lesson about God and the restoration.  The lesson went very very well and she even said she started to read the BOM and that she will continue to.  But she said she didn't really want to pray.  E. G asked her: 'how come?" She told us her personal reasons and  Elder G and i were at a loss of words so i said a quick prayer in my heart and still my mind was blank but i just opened my mouth and started talking anyways.  I finally can say that i know what it means that if we open our mouths, it will be given to you what you need to say.  I promised her that she would get an answer.  I told her that her Father was up there just waiting to hear her voice.  Longing to hear it.  All she needed to do was just talk to Him.  The spirit was so powerful in the room.  The tears were just flowing down her cheeks.  I asked her if she thinks she could just talk to Him, her Father and she nodded.  I know she was feeling the spirit.  She did not pray right then for us but i know that we made alot of progress with her that night.  It was such a sweet and amazing experience. 
Saturday we met with H and D and their family. I don't know if ive mentioned them before but, They are vietnamese that grew up in cambodia that speak cambodian and english and a little vietnamese.  We taught them one lesson and found out half of the family are members already and like the church, they just stopped going cuz they were too busy.  So they really love us.  They refer to us as, "Church".  Like: "hey, church is here.  Go get mom." or something like that.  They invited us to play volleyball and have a bbq.  So we did and it was way fun.  Elder G sat and talked with some of them while I played sand volleyball.  They were very good but i held my own.  plus i was taller than most of them haha.  They are an awesome family with tons of family members/ connections with others so if we can just find a way to activate the members and baptize the non members, we could have a whole branch right there haha. So wish us luck in figuring out how to do that. 
hmmm lets see what else....
O my gosh i can't believe i almost forgot CRAZY BILL!  Pretty much it is a super long and funny and weird and crazy story but here is the basics.  We are walking, stop and help a women carry groceries from her car to her apartment and a guy with a beard, long hair that is uneven, no shirt, bare feet and some worn down cargo pants pokes his head out of a door and says, "Are you the Mormons?!  This is from God! Please come in!" Me and E.G look at each other and think, hmm this is good.  We go in, and he tells us how he has been praying to come in contact with us.  We think, this seems like a good sign.  but then he just starts talking and talking and talking. His story includes is that he is a "designated witness" because he has heard prophecies when he was 12 about a whole bunch of things like a tornado, something about a white horse, the oj simpson trial, a cross being struck down by lightning and a whole bunch of other stuff that happened  within the last 20 years or so.  It was so hard not to laugh! At first i started to but then he told me that smiling was "distracting him from his story" haha so i fought the rest of the time with holding a serious face.  My favorite quote from him was when he said something and then leaned towards me and said, "You know what i mean, jelly bean?" haha i lost it right there for a few seconds haha.  I now say that all the time :)  We finally got out of there.  So ya great missionary experience, right?! ha Too bad we have a potential investigator that lives in the same appartment building as him.  Im pretty sure I'll have more stories about him. 
Ok that is enough.  Gotta go play dodgeball at the Cambridge stake center.  Cambridge North (my zone) vs Cambridge South.  Game on! 
Oh and i love you guys and love the letters from everyone!  Thanks a bunch!  Have a wonderful week!

     Elder Brady Johnson

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  1. Classic! Great missionary story of opening your mouth and being able to speak for the Lord. You know what I mean, Jelly bean! Too funny.