Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feb 15, 2011

Jumriabsua Family!!!!!
K, first as usual, my replies to letters.  Congrats to Cody with the awesome mission call.  You will have your work cut out for you.  But you can do it :)  Next Congrats to Jeremy and Rachelle! I wish i could see your new baby.  Glad to hear that the wedding went well.  Blake and Karli do have style don't they?  I'm so happy for them.  And yes i wore my matching tie on Friday.   
About the pictures I sent you, I thought you would like the one of my name tag.  It is crazy but such a pretty written language.  I'm glad that mom got to talk to the Gooch's a bit.  I love Chantra's mom here at the MTC!  She is so awesome and very nice.  She helps us with our pronounciation.  
This last week things have been going great.  things were going smoothly, the language has been getting easier, and me and Elder G. have become great friends.  I was loving life.  But the scripture (2Nephi 28:24-25) talks about wo to those who say all is well and that I can relax.  And I learned why.  This sunday Elder G and myself were called as the new Zone Leaders! Pretty crazy huh?  So that added like 5 meetings to my week and takes time out of my class schedule to go meet the new missionaries and show them around (im way excited for that part).  I'm excited about this assignment and think it will be good for me.  the lesson I learned is never to be satisfied with an easy going life.  Either I need to step it up and work harder or the Lord will put things in my path so i have no choice but to do so.  But I realized that we had been prepared this whole 6 weeks to get this assignment.  I mean, Elder. G and I didn't exactly get along and be the best of friends straight off.  It's taken us a while but now I consider him a great friend and an awesome companion.  "Just like trees lose their leaves in preparation for winter, we all are prepared in all things"(i heard this in a talk but can't remember where).
Another thing alot of us missionaries learned this week was not ever to watch music and the spoken word on the week of valentines day haha.  V-day is just kinda depressing here but oh well we must move on. 
Us 4 Cambodian missionaries taught our weekly Zone Activity with the other south asian Elders and Sisters and we taught it on prayer.  In preparation to teaching i learned so much and then during it i learned even more.  Some things i want to challenge you all to do is to try to make your prayers more sincere.  Think about the last prayer you gave.  How sincere was it.  Were you willing to act on the answers you would receive.  Something an elder said was prophetic: What better time to be Christ-like than when you are talking with the Father?"  Awesome right?  Ya i was astounded.  But it is so true!
Lastly I want to tell you all to read one of my new favorite passages of scripture.  I read it this week and it is one the most inspiring passages in the scriptures for me.  It is in 2 Nephi 4: 17 to the end.  It is the Psalm of Nephi.  I look to Nephi as one of the greatest examples.  In my reading the book of mormon this time around I am looking for ways that i can become more Christ-like and I have found so many things just from him. 
Oh so my investigators are doing well.  I have 2 progressing that are,well, progressing... but slowly. Mainly cuz it is a slow process to speak but we are getting better.  We are planning on teaching the shortened version of the plan of salvation in 30 mins in Khmae so wish us luck :)
I love you alll so  very much and pray for you all daily.  I hope all is going well and thanks for all the letters and updates.  You guys are the best!

     Elder Brady Johnson

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  1. Congrats to Brady on being made a zone leader. He is off and running!