Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wow! Feb 8, 2011

Thanks once again for all the letters that you all have sent me!  I quite enjoy them!  I love hearing about the basketballs games so keep me updated!  I love so much that you really got a cardboard cut out of me for the wedding! i can't wait for the pictures.  I will be sending pictures as well... and you will probably laugh, but not for the reason you think.  You'll see.  Yay Brock for getting over his sprained ankle. That is so weird that Brock and Dad were up here so close to me last Saturday at the BYU game.  And also Congrats to Brock for getting asked to Preference! Such a stud.
Mom last week you told me to read 2 Nephi 31-33 and guess what?  This last sunday the MTC president, President Brown, told us to all do the same thing.  Way to be on top of things!  I don't know how you do it but you are always right! :) Thanks for being such a great mother! I love You!  Oh and guess what?  I met Pres. Brown the other day and he said he does know Kevin so that was cool.  He is an awesome man.  In his talk he gave sunday, he talked to us about our names.  Most the time we are talked to about the name of Christ that is on us for the next two years but this time he talked to us about our own names.  He had us think about what other people think about when they hear your name.  Do they talk good of it or bad?  Your name goes with you forever.  How are generations to come going to remember your name?  All these things hit me really hard.  I want so badly to have a good reputation with everyone i meet.  I want to be the kind of person who is known for good and kindness and one who had the spirit for my whole life and generations to come.  So for whoever reads this I hope I have never offended you and if I have, I am so sorry.  Next time we meet, I will be a changed and better man.  We were told to be like Captain Moroni who will forever be known for who the scriptures say he is.  Just imagine if we all were like that amazing man.
So i heard that Jordan E. and Ryan W. are both going to Chile.  Tell them congrats if you see them.
I can't believe the wedding is this week!  My little Blake is all growed up ;)  I'm so proud!  I don't know how he got so lucky with Karli but congrats to you both!  Don't have too much a party with out me at the reception... actually I know you won't cuz its not a party without me, right?... maybe?  I wish i could be there but the Lord calls me to be workin instead.  and no offense Blake and Karli, Your wedding isn't as big of deal as what i'm doing.  But I think you both already know that:) Love you
In my companionship things have began to change a bit.  I have been praying and trying so hard to change myself and the way i think because i think that was my problem.  And with the lord's help, I am now getting along better with elder G. than ever and I am loving it.  The unity is fantastic.  Still not perfect, but nothing is ever perfect.
Hey Brock, and Paco, and Trevor and everyone else who is preparing for a mission, Go on to lds.org or youtube and watch the video about -preparing to serve a mission- by president Monson in his oct.2, 2010 conference address about it.  It is so powerful.  actually, Everyone needs to watch reguardless.  Missionary work is so important.
So now starting this week, Me and E. G. teach two progressing investigators (our teachers who are roleplaying) twice a week all in Khmae, and then have the not so big task on saturday.  so 3 investigators to prepare for.  It is hard but it makes planning a whole lot easier when you have someone to plan for.
I can't think of much else this week.... sorry its so short. but I want to leave you with this quote: "Your own personal Testimony is the strongest arrow in your quiver.  Bear it Frequently!"  I Know that this is true.  I know that this is the true Church of Christ and that it was restored by Joseph Smith.  God calls us to bring forth this gospel unto the nations.  Miracles do happen, and they will continue to happen.  I have seen them almost daily.  Miracles don't have to be a big thing.  Miracles are around us, we just have to be looking.  So look for those miracles. 
I Love you all so very much.  I wish i could be there in the temple with you during the marriage.  Last week as a district we did a session of sealings as proxies for children and it was incredible.  So now I can imagine what is going on.  Thankyou for everything you do and for all of your prayers!

     Elder Brady Johnson

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  1. What a great letter. Elder Johnson has the right spirit about him and it's making all the difference! Such a good elder.