Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Only 1 month left!

Hello Hello Hello!
Alright so first off mom this is to answer all of your questions: Yes i got some packages last week and loved them so much!  Those pictures of me (carboard cut-out) at the wedding were hilarious and way popular among my friends at laundry time :) 
As a zone Leader I have many duties.  Mostly its just going to meetings about being a good leader and how to run things.  We get to meet the new missionaries in our zone each week and bring them to the Residence halls and kinda show them the ropes and tell them the rules.  We also handle all the behavior rules in the residence hall like enforcing quiet time at night and making sure there are no pranks and that people are reverent for the most part.  We've been lucky because our zone is pretty good.  We also have to interview all the District leaders each week.  And did i mention we go to tons of meetings? haha its not that bad and i really learn alot.  It is fun as long as you don't have a sick person to where you have to organize a schedule of who is going to stay with him and who is going to bring him meals and what not. (we had this happen last week because one elder had mono and the other tore his ACL and had surgery here and is trying to stay on a mission.  Now he is in a different zone so we don't have to worry).  Yes it does seem like forever since I was one of the new missionaries and that is because in MTC time, it has been forever.  We always joke like we passed through a veil when we came here and we can't really remember what our life was like in the "pre existance"(the real world).  Time is a very weird concept to try a grasp ha. 
The lessons in Khmae have been going fabulously.  I understand mostly everything that is said and i am able to teach and answer their questions quite easily.  I just need to get better at speaking faster.  I also have been able to read scriptures in script during lessons when everyone else just has the investigator read.  So that has been a blessing. 
Brock, I am so jealous that you have soccer conditioning!  I miss soccer so much! the field here is closed during the winter so we only have the gym.  But no worries, i still ball it up on the courts and pop treys and what not :)  Make sure you guys keep me updated on all the goings on with soccer!  Thanks :)
Dad Congrats on the new calling of ward mission leader! (and Mom too i guess cuz you will be involved a ton because of the sister missionaries.)  Im so excited for you to have this opportunity!  You will love it.  You will get to see how much has changed in the missionary work.  It will be a good experience for the both of you.  Now we will be able to swap mission stories!  I know that you will do a great job and help bring many people unto Christ.  Make sure you help those missionaries as much as possible because having a member there is so beneficial.  Good Luck!
Ok so i don't have much time but lets see what i can crank out real quick with some insights and what not.  *just real quick advice- Make sure you practice typing before going on a mission :)
So this week my district has really been focusing on having charity for each other and for the people we teach.  I've come to realize how much we all need charity and how hard it is to obtain even a little bit.  But it is a attribute we must have!  I've noticed that every prophet in the book of mormon all have at least one thing in common and that is Charity.  Let them be our examples along with our best example of course, Christ.
Little insights
- Sometimes our heart is quicker than our thoughts and so when we feel the spirit we need to stop and ponder to get the rest of the revelation that is there for us
-In 2 Nephi 25:22 it says pretty much that we, who have the BOM,  will be held more accountable because of the knowledge that comes with it.  So take advantage of the book of Mormon and don't be someone who dies and stands before God and he asks you if you did something that was in the book of mormon, like have charity, and you have to say "no" because you didn't even know it was in there. Please make studying the Book of Mormon a part of your every day!
We had a devotional by Elder Pearson and his wife (of the 70) and I'm not gonna lie, when we come to the Tuesday devotionals and see that we don't have an apostle we are automatically dissappointed.  Well after this talk i will never be disappointed again by a 70.  It was an awesome talk!  here are some points
-Sis. Pearson said this quote by Neal A Maxwell i believe: The Lord doesn't care about our ability or inability but our availability.  Once we show our dependability, the Lord will take care of the rest.
-she also said that Attitude is the only thing we have total control of.  Let us control it :)
-Elder Pearson talked about becoming Disciples of Christ and it was very inspiring and life changing.  He told us that average doesn't cut it.  Its not about me(a missionary), it is not my mission, it is the Lord's and it is about His Children.  The huge question that I love and want to ask you all is: Am I prepared to become a disciple of  Jesus Christ at all Costs????
think about it.
Gotta go!
Love you all so much
     Elder Brady Johnson


  1. What an inspiring message this week from Elder Johnson. He's got the right attitude, for sure!

  2. I love the availability quote. Thanks for the inspiration!