Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Big News! March 8, 2011

Oh hey!
How is the best family in the world?  Good i hope.  Thanks for the updates on soccer, i really enjoy them! way more than basketball.  Congrats brock for making the team, but we all knew that would happen.  When i read about the soccer games i feel like it is not real because how could my team be playing and im not out there playing with them.  Its kinda sad and makes me miss soccer.  When i get to boston I am definitely playing soccer on Prep days so mom get ready to send my blue cleats and maybe a ball to boston in a few weeks :)  I am so stoked to go!  I feel like im as ready as i will ever be.  I just need to go get myself talkin to a bunch of natives. 
Yes, I do see Wes Musso all the time and I saw Ryan Thompson the other day as well.  Wes works here and Ryan volunteers.
(I-Lisa- asked Brady about KSL TV doing an hour long special on the MTC which they will show between conference sessions and this is his reply.) I'm sorry to say but i will not be in any of the filmings that will be showed during conference.  For some reason I never even saw a camera.  I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Just my luck.  But Sis. Sparks and Sis. Bayles, the sisters in my zone going to Cambodia are in it and are interviewed so when you see them you can count that as seeing me :)  Speaking of Conference, I am so excited for it.  I am so ready to learn from the Leaders of this wonderful church and find out what the Lord wants me to do.  Going along with this i was reading in Mosiah 2:9 for personal study and it tells us that we need to take advantage of hearing from the Lord's servants and to "open our ears, open our hearts, and open our minds".  So prepare yourselves now for conference and make sure you open your ears, heart and mind!
K so the big news.  Tomorrow we have the Ambassador of Cambodia to the United States coming to the MTC and to our classroom! This is the guy who says whether missionaries are allowed to go to Cambodia or not.  For the time being, missionaries are allowed in and there are no problems.  He is coming to see what we are all about.  Talk about nervous.  This is such a cool chance! Im so excited.  We hope that he has a wonderful experience and keeps letting missionaries go to his country.  The person in charge of this visit came in and told us what we needed to do and what not and said that there has never been any ambassador from Cambodia come to the MTC so this is HUGE!  Like i said.  Big news.  I'll let you know how it goes :)

Back to personal study for a bit.  I was reading Mosiah 3:13 and I realized that the people before Christ came had to have faith that Christ WOULD come and perform the Atonement and all the other things.  People after Christ came, like us have to have faith that He DID come.  And of course for the people who were there when He did come had to have faith that He IS Christ.  It was just a cool realization that throughout all time there has been a need for faith but different types of it.
We had the Provo Temple President come to the MTC and give a talk and it was super good.  He is a cool man with lots of amazing stories.  He said, "It is absolutely essential to become better every day."  I always thought ya it is nice to try to be better today than the last but he said that it is ESSENTIAL.  Do we think of it that way?  We HAVE to strive to be better tomorrow than we are today, and be better today than we were yesterday.  He also shared a quote from Elder Maxwell talking about How to Measure your life's work: 1 is it true? 2. is it important? 3. Is it Urgent?  I know that what i am doing right now fits all 3 of these.  Because this work is true.  It is about salvation and yes that is important.  the second coming is close at hand so yes it is urgent that we try to tell as many people about this gospel as we can.
Lastly, We taught a progressing investigator (Seihaa) aka my teacher.  He was having struggles with prayer and so we sat down and explained it very clearly(yes in cambodian :) and promised him that if he prayed with a sincere heart to know if this church was the thing that he was looking for in his life, that he would feel the spirit.  We had him pray right then and there and I know he felt the spirit and i felt the spirit.  it was awesome
Love you bye!

     Elder Brady Johnson

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