Tuesday, March 15, 2011

So Close

How are you all doing?! Pretty good i assume from the updates.  Ok so Wednesday this week was easily the best day i've had in the mtc.  It started out with the Ambassador of Cambodia and his wife coming to our class.  He came in and immediately started speaking Cambodian and it felt normal.  We talked for like ten minutes about where we were all from and where we are going and what not and then Elder Banks of the 70 says, "so what have you been saying?"  It was so wierd that they couldn't understand but we could!  It was awesome! i didn't even realize really that we had been speaking and understanding each other the whole time in a different language!  It was just sweet, ok.  He stayed for awhile and told us about himself.  He would not belive us when we told him that we had only been speaking/learning Khmae for 10 weeks.  He was amazed and thought for sure we were all lying to him because he said we were all so good.  That was so nice and comforting to hear.  He said that usually it is very hard for northern americans to have the right accent but he said we were doing it really well.  We got some pics and i am sending it home this week to you :) All i know is that i love Khmae people!!!!! they are so awesome and soooo nice.  I can't wait to go out and serve them.
Speaking of serving them, I got my travel Plans on Wednesday as well! I leave March 23 and 4am and my flight out of SLC is at 7am and then i have a lay over in Chicago from 11:30 to 12:30pm so i will call you some time between 5:30 and 7am or 11:30 to 12"30.... sorrry that is the best i can do because i don't know exactly when i will call.  Tell me what would work best for you:)  I should be in boston by 4pm!  Im so stoked and just ready to go! 
Lastly on Wednesday our district finally got to host the new incoming missionaries.  I was sitting around hoping to see Layton Checketts {Brady's college roommate} or maybe even get to host him when i see this huge 15 passenger van coming up and i saw Layton's mom!  So i followed them to where they got out and i got to be his host!  It was so cool.  It was fun seeing his parents again (i met them in Virginia) and of course see Elder Checketts.  That was a sweet reunion.  So i was able to show him around and he is even in my gym time so we see each other every day.  I'm loving it!  It brought back some great memories of SVU and we reminisced a bit while i was hosting him. 
So ya Wednesday was just awesome and a lot of fun.  I think the best part of all the things i did was just get out of our regular routine.  It was very refreshing. Hmmm... I don't know what else to say because i will just be able to talk to you in a week.  I'm way excited to hear from you.
I was reading King Benjamin's speech this week in personal study and i just love that man!  I learned so much from him.  One thing that i really liked was in Mosiah 4:16-26 where it talks about those of us who are more fortunate must help others.  for as it says, "For behold, are we not all beggars?"  We all depend on God and His Help constantly.  He has given us everything we have.  So should we not help others who depend on us?!  We are so blessed.  It only seems right to give to and help all those around us.  It think it is so cool that our ward is doing all that stuff for that family.  I love our ward!  LV2 for life. 
Something very big we have been working on as a district is not having pride.  When you study pride/humility you realize just how prideful you are.  That is what has happened to me and I have realized that I really need to work on that.  And i have been and it has already been such a blessing to me.
Lastly i just want to leave an awesome quote that i found from something and i don't know if i have already shared this with you but here it is:    "Be the kind of person that people who don't know Him, but know you, want to know Him because they know you."  Our example is everything.  just remember that.
I love you all and wish you a wonderful and safe week. Good luck Dhills soccer!
     Elder Brady Johnson

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