Monday, September 12, 2011

First off, before i forget, i want to give a shout out to Chase Jensen cuz he finally wrote me a letter! Love ya Chase!  oh and also, if anyone can get a hold of KJ Boyer and either tell him to write me or give me his address, it would be much appreciated :)
Well now sounds like everyone back home is just doing swell.  Its so good to hear.  Thats too bad about BYU.  Thats so awesome that dad and stacy got to go though.  Dad I expect some details about the games cuz all i hear are scores. 
Oh wait i must say one thing, Mom you are the BEST!!! Thankyou so much for the package and for all the new music! you did a wonderful job!  all of us in the apartment are so grateful for new stuff to listen to haha.  I love you! 
Brock, how come so many people at the high school don't know we are brothers? huh?  I always used my connection to blake and nikki to get on teacher's good sides haha by the way thanks for that you two!
the weather is definitely cooling down here.  We still have the a/c on though.  but i can definitely feel the fall coming and im scared for winter.  I've decided im a wimp for cold - not as much as mom and nikki but still, i'd rather be warm. 
Ok so i have some good news and some bad news.  Bad news is that G is not getting baptized on sept. 24th.  Good news is that he and his whole family have a date for October 16th!  We finally had a lesson with all of them, plus extras, and they are all pretty interested in what we have to offer.  They are willing to set that goal and see if God will let them know that this is His true church and what He wants them to do by that date.  Its pretty sweet.  
Ok so two really really cool things happened since i last talked to you.  First, Our 3 recent converts that are high school age have all decided to take seminary!!!!!!!! How totally awesome is that?! And im talking early morning 6am seminary!  That is pretty much the coolest thing!  I love our recent converts! they are so solid.  They all weren't sure at first but after we explained a bit and promised blessings, they had it set that they will go.  Us people who did seminary in Utah had it easy.  And yet there were people that ditched all the time.  And now these brand new converts are going at 6am! thats huge.  They are such good examples to me!  
The other totally awesome thing that happened was that we had an extra dinner appointment. Let me explain.  So when we first went to the gym to check it out, a nice lady said that she would give us the college student discount even tho we weren't.   Slowly over the past 2 months we have made tons of friends at the gym but we really didn't do much to foster these relationships, just said hi, asked them about there day/weekend and then went about lifting.  Then we get invited  to go to dinner by the owner with her family and a family of someone else who works at the gym.  We of course said yes!   They kinda knew who we were (missionaries and such) but most people only knew us as 4 young guys who come every single morning and are happy. 
At dinner (all 4 of us were invited)  this was the first time they all saw us in our suits and ties.  So they kinda just interrogated us... well interrogate has a bad connotation, they asked us tons and i mean tons of questions about us and what we do and they were so intrigued by the whole missionary thing and especially about how we would do something like this during this time of our lives.  It was really fun just talking to them and seeing how surprised or shocked they were that we couldn't do some things and yada yada yada.....  They fed us an amazing dinner of meat and potatoes and vegies and everything, really.  They were so distraught on hearing that we are away from our families and have hardly any contact with them haha.  So they have kind of taken it upon themselves to be our mothers.  They are two really really awesome families.  They are very family oriented and seems like they are just perfect for the church.  Easily the best family situation that i've seen out here besides members of the church.  We continued to talk and share our testimonies here and there and talked about the church and a little about what we do.  And they were just soaking it all in and in awe really.  Elder g and i had to leave early for another appointment but elder d and elder t stayed and taught a lesson on prayer and they said the spirit was insanely strong.  K then told them that she can't explain it but there is something different about us four "kids".  From the moment she met us she has just loved us instantly.  We are like lights(yes she said that ha).  She said that ever since we have started coming to the gym, things have been so much better, she can't explain why. She just knows it has something to do with us.  We are different and she wants to know why, and so does her and a's families.  How cool is that?!  They want us over again next week and i can't wait.  They are such awesome people.  The only problem is that they are out of our area by like 2 streets :( but that means if they get taught it will be by Elder B and Elder M.  i'll keep you updated on them. 
Things are going great out here. Im loving it!  Let me just share one last thought.  I was reading in Luke today in chapter 22 v. 32 which says "When thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren." at first i thought, yup i know that one, i need to go about strengthening my brother.  but something stopped me from moving on.  I read it again.  the line, "When thou art converted..." stuck out to me and i couldn't get it out of my head.  I realized that there is something i need to do to me converted.  what it is, im not quite certain.  But im asking myself what am i supposed to work on, what aspect of being converted?  Is it doctrine, attitude, diligence, my faith, do i need to repent, is there something more i could be doing? Like i said, i don't quite know.  But I'd like to ask you all the same question.  What more is there you can do to become more converted? So then you can go about strengthening your brethren? Maybe your part is to go out and strengthen others. I don't know. But God does and He will help you know what you must be doing if you ask for it.  Ask and ye shall receive. Knock and it shall be given you.  Ask, Knock; they are action words.  We have to act.
I love you all so much!  Thanks for everything!
Love your son, brother, friend, grandson, cousin, nephew, buddy, bubba, etc.

     Elder Brady Johnson

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  1. Thanks Brady for another great scriptural insight and challenge. Sounds like his spreading his "light" and doing great things.