Monday, September 26, 2011

A long long ways aways. but in the same country, "there is a place called Kokomo you get there fast and then you take it slow....." sorry i meant there is a place called lynn.  also known as the city of sin. you never come out the way you came in. alright for reals here goes ;)
So this somewhat short week has been wicked fun.  Im loving serving with Elder A.  We are doing Work and laughing pretty much the whole time.  Its kinda weird cuz he was pretty much my half trainer and now im the sr. comp to him.  kinda crazy.  Its definitely weird without elder g and elder d -there is so much less drama and noise and distractions in the apartment ha but its kinda bitter sweet. but i learned that the work goes on even when im not with elder G and i now lead out on everything and i've already grown alot in the past week. 
Good news, we still get to go to the gym.  K and A and their families have not yet started taking the lessons but it will happen sometime this week.  So im excited for that. 
So Sister Evans (mission president's wife) had the brilliant idea to have a Fall Cleanout so we have spent the whole day deep cleaning our apartment.  And if you don't know, missionary apartments accumulate a whole ton of random stuff over the years and plus they aren't taken care of very well.  but Elder A and i went to work and chneah.... i can't think of the word in english..... i think its overcame or beat... so ya we beat the mess.. or something like that. It makes sense in khmae i promise. 
As you can tell my khmae is improving.  Elder A has forgotten a lot of khmae and so we made a blood pact that we would try to speak khmae as much as possible and we have been doing really well and i can already feel the improvement. (im totally kidding about the blood pact of course).
G and company. are doing pretty good.  We took H to a lesson with us and as usual, she did an amazing job and she offered the family a ride to church on sunday and they accepted.  i thought only G would be the one to actually show up. but quite the contrary.  G had something come up but his daughters came along with J who is his 2 year old granddaughter. And she is just the cutest little girl i've ever seen!  They seemed to like church enough but we didn't get a whole lot of time to talk to them afterward so we'll find out more when we meet with them.
R. is still doing wonderfully!  She has just been so solid since the day we started teaching her.  She is definitely the most ready people for the gospel that i've taught.  She will be getting baptized this saturday in between the conference sessions and she asked me to baptize her. Once again im so honored and excited to share this moment with her.  I don't know how much i've told about her but she is just the sweetest elder african woman ever.  She also tells me what to do like my mom but so does everyone else out here hahaha.  it has been such an amazing opportunity to teach her and i am so excited for her baptism.  She told us yesterday that when she heard the news about the falling satelite peices she prayed to God to just let her live tell she gets baptized, thats all she wanted haha.  She said she almost called us up and asked us to baptize her that night ha. She is just so cool.
Well other than that, Elder A and I have just been having some solid lessons together. We teach really well together and I especially love teaching with elder ang cuz he just bears such an honest, sincere, and powerful testimony.  It will be an exciting transfer. Thats for sure.
So last night Elder T and Elder P (the ZL's) came back from their stake meeting with the stake president, mission president and Clayton Christensen and that they had some exciting news. They said that in the meeting it came up that Me and Elder G have had 7 baptisms in the last 4 months and they were all astonished.  They talked to Elder T more about it and found out that our success has come from working well with the ward and getting member referrals and doing the member missionary lessons.  It was at that point that Clayton Christensen (the guy who wrote the member-missionary lessons) invited Me and now Elder A to speak at his meeting to all the ward mission leaders in our stake in a big meeting he has with them each month.  I totally feel inadequate for this. especially without Elder G. Im honored of course but the glory goes to God.  Its just all been blessings from Him. but i gotta go and Elder G can't come so it will be just me speaking.  It should be a cool experience :)
Thats all i have time for.  But make sure to make conference the center of your weekend. If you have to miss a session, make sure you take the time to go back and listen to it.  It is such a privilege we have to hear the voice of the Lord through our prophet.  Pay special heed to what they say.  Learn but most importantly, APPLY what you learn. 
Love ya!

     Elder Brady Johnson

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