Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another one baptized

Well like the title says, we have been baptizing people left and right! M just got baptized yesterday and everything went smoothly.  No casualties this time :) Elder W performed the baptism in the once again dirty water.... We like to have people follow the exact example of Jesus Christ by being baptized in, what looks like the Jordan River haha you know how we do.  We had lots of support from the ward which is awesome and M told me that she will always remember this day! Its just fantastic being a missionary!

We had zone meeting this week and it went well but not as good as we wanted to.  All i gotta tell you is that me learning how to do a standing backflip has been so useful. I've used that talent in alot of situations that i never thought i would haha. Ok I guess I'll at least tell you that our zone meeting topic was on working smart and working hard -not just working hard.

Cool story of the week: I got to go on exchanges down to New London, Connecticut with Elder M and it is a spanish area :)  We got there at about 3pm on Friday (its an hour away) and went to like 4 appointments all in spanish and I didn't really say much except introduce myself, explain that i am learning spanish but can't speak it well, and then said goodbye and what not.  I understood alot of what was said but I just really can't talk in spanish because I haven't really had a chance to study the grammer and whatnot.  But then for the last appointment, we went with the English area elders to one of their less actives who happens to be cambodian! Her name is S and she came to the U.S during the Khmer Rouge just like so many others. She joined the church in Washington DC because they had cambodian elders and then she moved here a few years ago and stopped going to church because she doesn't understand or speak english well.  Needless to say she was over joyed when I said Cumriabsua to her and then we talked in khmae for about an hour straight and it was awesome! She absolutely loves me just because i speak her native language.  She agreed to meeting with the missionaries weekly to learn english better and then when it gets warmer -like summertime- she will hopefully go to church.  She was excited by the idea and the elders were excited as well.  I wish she lived closer to us and could come to our ward up in Providence.  She has an amazing story of her escape from Cambodia just like all the others.  There are so many stories that never get told but they would make some amazing movies. 

We spent sunday night with our favorite person D because it was the anniversary of his wife's death. Its been 13 years.  We went over and had dinner and jello for dessert -he made that just for me ha and then we gave him a present which was a picture in a frame of us all at the temple last week with a little note telling him that we love him.  He really liked that.  D is so awesome! I really can't wait for you all to meet him. He plans on coming out to Utah after I get home :)

Well its time to go... I love you all! Thanks for everything! You guys are the best!

ps tell Sims and Ler that i still love them! Sorry to hear about the tough basketball loss at state.  Brock good luck with soccer!

     Elder Brady Johnson

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