Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hello My family and Friends!

First some shout outs: Grandma, I love your letters so much! you are sooo funny.  Thanks for the family picture calendar!  I love calendars if you didn't know.  I have like 4 that are put up above my desk ha. Brock you are such a stud! I want to play soccer SOOOOOO Bad!  Tell anyone who remembers me I say hi.  Mom and Dad I love you! Thanks for the long descriptive emails! Dad, Im pretty sure you wouldn't have alot of late nights at the office if you didn't spend your days on the golf course haha

Here are the major events of my life this past week aka my top 10:

1. M got confirmed and I was the one who got to confirm her.  It was pretty awesome.  And she is ready to be put to work and get a calling.  She is so excited.

2. On our long drive to Ashford, CT for district meeting we listened to a talk by Scott Simons in 1992 about how we need to have fun in life and that the gospel is what makes it fun!  We only live once but if we live right, once is enough.

3.On Friday Elder W and I were a bit worn out so we pretty much just had a movie day.  Haha we watched various church videos with our investigators/members. 

4. Transfer texts happened and we are staying the same and not receiving any reinforcements because there just aren't enough people coming out on missions....  I don't know the real reason but we are losing way more than we are gaining so lots of areas are closing down lately.

5. We had Zone Leader Council at the mission home yesterday and that means breakfast and lunch made by Sister Evans which also means that it is delicious! She made chicken enchiladas exactly like Mom does!

6. Also with Zone Leader Council we get to see all of our other leader friends and spend time with president and discuss the needs of the mission.  We also talked about our new mission president and he is President Packard and he will be bringing his wife of course and 3 kids! crazy. He gets here in July.

7.  We went to an investigators birthday party (he goes to Brown University) so we were with all of his friends at a restaurant and it was fun cuz the Duke vs UNC game was on and I may or may not have glanced over from time to time haha.

8. Went on exchanges with Elder S from a really small town in British Columbia I think... But it was really cool to learn more about canada

9.  In the first 6 days of March we have driven 400 miles already.  That is alot of driving but I LOVE to drive.  The reason for so much is because driving to New London and back for a baptismal interview, district meeting in Ashford and ZLC in Needham MA. 

10.  Elder W threw a grape into my mouth from 20ft away and i didn't even have to move. It was pretty epic.

Sorry this is kinda lame but we don't have lots of time.  I love you all so much and am so grateful for all the mail and emails and prayers and everything!

     Elder Brady Johnson

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