Tuesday, March 13, 2012

HeY EvErYoNe!!!!

I feel like i have been skimming on the details of my life as a missionary lately so i will do my best to update you on the goings on of the week and about my investigators.  We are getting pretty worn out because we are teaching alot of people, which is awesome, don't get me wrong, its just, tiring and makes it hard to meet with everyone. But this is one problem I am glad to be dealing with. Because, lets face it, its always better to be teaching than just finding all the time. 

J is the lady from Sierra Leone... I think, and we have not been able to meet with her and teach a lesson in a whole month but you wanna know the crazy thing?! She has come to church every single sunday! Its the weirdest thing ever haha.  but we finally got an appointment with her this weekend and she has been super busy at work-working like 12 hour days 7days a week!  And she told us she has some friends that are anti and try to confuse her and tell her lies and she is handling it like a champ by saying things like, "Have you ever studied with them? Then how can you say these things?" or "how about you come talk to the missionaries that i meet with and they can answer your questions." Haha They haven't taken her up on the offer but it gets them to stop bugging her.  So her date for baptism is probably going to be on Easter-April 8th :)

M is another man we are meeting with. He is an older man and is very interested in the gospel and changing his life.  He has lots some problems but he slowly overcoming them thru the power of prayer.  He has come to church 3 weeks in a row except for this week.

H is is doing awesome!  It is so nice to be able to go to the C's house every monday and eat a delicious dinner and then have a great lesson.  H has now read all of the Book of Mormon and the entire Doctrine and Covenants!  Still don't have a date for baptism but we are going to be finishing up on all the commandments and then extend a baptism date.  We invited her to be baptized in the first lesson and she said she would be baptized but did not accept the date. And so we have been waiting until the time feels write to re-invite her.  I have a strong feeling that when we do, she will say yes!

Now for some random thinigs of the week.  We played alot of volleyball this week and I'm getting pretty good.  I wish our high school had a boys volleyball team, ha its way fun! We met with the Stake Presidency (cuz that is one of the things we do as zone leaders) and they are really awesome! They are really trying to make a push on missionary work in the stake and they want us to try and get as many people as possible in our respective wards to come out and help us with the work. And so that is what our main focus is this transfer in our area and with our zone.  Because we see that when members get involved and help us teach a lesson or visit someone, they feel the spirit and want to start sharing the gospel themselves.  I think we are going to see alot of miracles this transfer. We helped someone move to a new apartment but thats nothing new.  I think missionaries should open their own moving business because we do it all the time here! But i like it. I just have realized that I don't want to move alot when I've got a family and what not because it is such a hassle. So thanks mom and dad for sparing me from that. 

Interesting fact, I now have Satin Hands and Satin Lips thanks to one of our members who works for Mary Kay and she let us try out some of the products like the satin hands treatment and satin lips treatment :) Not gonna lie, it was pretty awesome and this week we are getting facials!!!!! Oh the wonderful things you get to do as a missionary!

I don't know about you but Daylight savings time switch-a-roo totally destroyed me haha Im so tired today and was yesterday. Oh before i forget, I have been meaning to write you all this time and tell you that the Weather Here has been so good!  This winter was one of the mildest winters in New England in a loooooong time.  Everyone told me that I would just freeze and be miserable come winter and there would be tons of snow but i guess they were alll wrong!  I only saw it snow 3 times where in actually stuck -but only like 3 inches at the most and it was melted the next day. And it only got below 20 degrees for like 2 weeks, 3 tops.  So i got really lucky cuz i don't really like the cold.  I LOVE the Hot! And today it is perfect weather so we are going to play soccer outside- my first time in like 4 months!  I hope i still remember how to play.  Oh and we are going to be on TV today! haha Elder W and I will be special guests on this local tv channel because one of our members in the ward have some sort of tv broadcast and so she wants to interview us on tv along with her son who is about to go on a mission just so the community gets to know us a little better. Should be interesting :)

Well I love you all! Be Good and be safe and Brock, thanks for beating Delta in soccer! 

     Elder Brady Johnson

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