Monday, March 26, 2012

A very Diverse week!

Warning: this email is going to be short and not include many details but enjoy ;)  So this week i hit my year mark in the mission field! March 23 was when i arrived in Lowell MA being trained by Elder W and now a year later Im serving with him again. Kinda cool, huh? Its been so fun serving with him. He goes home in June and its going to be sad to see him leave, but he has grandparents that live in StG. Actually, dad probably knows them. Elder W might be in St. George in the summer for a reunion so I'll make sure he stops by if he does.

Look for he reason I named this Diversity Week:  We spent half of this week on exchanges with other missionaries in Providence and it was way fun. The first one was with Elder C from Alpine Utah and it was soooo much fun. He is a great missionary and way funny. We got to eat at one of our investigator's house and they had a HUGE seafood Feast! We had fresh lobster and I had an entire Crab on my plate and lots of other stuff. It was so good. She is from Guatemala but the dish was from Spain.

Later in the week I was on an exchange with Elder M from New Zealand!  He has such a sick accent and i picked up on alot of it and some way cool words. He always uses "Dodgy" instead of sketchy and other cool words where there aren't really any direct translations to us in american english. It is so crazy how different our lives were before the mission. He has seen alot of cool things and has traveled all over the world. Thats another cool thing is that no matter what background we had or where we came from, all of us missionaries are out here doing the same thing, teaching people about the same universal truths. This gospel is soooo true. I love this church.

I got to interview this lady for baptism this week that looked exactly like Edna Mode (from the movie The Incredibles) It was so awesome! The only difference is that her hair is blond instead of black. We also got to meet with some Cambodians but they are the younger generation so only spoke english with us but they have some potential.

And to top off the diversity week, we had dinner with some members from the Philippines. The husband used to be a stake president there and he told us lots of stories and a ton about my cousin Cody's mission so it was alot of fun. He taught us some Tagalog and so now i can communicate with Cody... haha, NOT.

All of our investigators are doing well- A is a young boy that gets to church every week by calling people and finding his own ride. Its awesome. Once he gets permission we can baptize him.  M called us and said he was going back to his old church but he was very grateful for all we did to help him find God again.

So ya life is great! The weather is nice... well last week it was. So can't complain. I know this church is true and Thomas Monson is a TRUE Prophet. Enjoy conference! Do everything you can to be able to watch all the sessions. It is a revelatory time. Think of questions or concerns you have and i promise that they will be answered and solved by the end of conference :) I love you!

Elder Brady Johnson

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