Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Conference was great!

Way to go Brock and Dhills soccer team! Wow, a 5-4 win.  That must have been a great game to watch with all that scoring.  I wish i could play soccer :( I miss it so much. Im curious if any of you caught all the hints in conference about writing LETTERS to people *cough* your missionaries... I don't know about you but that was a major theme that I saw in General Conference. And send pictures too :) oh and an easter package would be nice. ok ok i'll stop now.

Anyways.... Sounds like you all enjoyed conference as much as I did. I honestly loved every single speaker and really learned something from each one of them. Thats what I love about conference, is that every single talk has something in it that we can learn and apply to our lives to be more like the savior and be a better person. i wish i could share with you in detail all of the things that i learned but that would take to long and probably bore you. But my favorite thing I think was in President Uchtdorf's talk when he said that all we have to do is "Stop It". Stop the anger, the contention, the sinning, the gossiping the envy, and bad attitude, and all that is leading us away from the savior. Just stop it. So simple and yet so profound. I only got to watch the last 10 mins of Music and the Spoken Word but it brought back so many good memories of Mom turning it on every sunday morning and blasting it throughout the house. And i saw uncle Craig's name in the credits so that was cool.

J came to one of the sessions of Conference and we also got to teach her. She is all set to go for the interview which will be this week and then she will be baptized on  April 15th. Its going to be cool.

* This just in, it has been brought to our attention that the local TV show we did a few weeks ago aired today and a member texted us saying she saw us on TV! Haha awesome. So now we are going to go over to their house and watch it. Don't worry, I will get a copy of it and send it to you! [New picture on top of blog is the TV show]

Now we return to our featured program. So A also came to conference and paid attention to most of it. He still doesn't have permission to get baptized but hopefully soon.

Im way jealous that you guys had waffles in between sessions on sunday. No one invited us to come over so Elder W and I sat at the church alone and brought cereal and milk and watched the shows in between the
sessions ha. But good news was that we had a nice HUGE mexican dinner that night after conference.

We got a new investigator this week from a member referral! Some members invited us over for dinner and brought their friend who has come to church a couple of times and is interested in learning. He is looking for "something more" in his life. He feels like its God that he is missing and wants to find Him. It was really cool. The lesson went perfectly-like straight out of preach my gospel with the setting, the members helping answer questions, and the questions tyler was asking. Plus the spirit was very strong. He said he would get baptized on May 6th if he came to know that these things are true. Nice! (Yes, we invite people to be baptized the very first time we teach them. If not, no later then the 2nd time we teach them.)

Well i hope everyone has a wonderful week! Make sure to review your notes or listen to conference talks again and start applying the principles and eternal truths into your lives. If you do so, I promise that you will be blessed and be more happy. I love you all! Take Care!

Elder Brady Johnson

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