Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Well Im staying in Providence for another transfer with Elder W which means that I will be killing him (term we use for going home is dying and so the last companion to serve with them "kills" them haha). Its pretty awesome because we were with each other a year ago when i was starting my mission and now together when he is finishing his mission. Its been awesome to serve with him so much. I can't wait until you will be able to meet him some day. Its also crazy to think that after this transfer I will have been out 18 months and have served with only 3 companions, each for 6 months. Crazy stuff huh?

Congrats to Brock for winning a spot on the Exec Council at Desert Hills for next year! Send me some pictures of the posters he had and send pictures from the fun spring break! Looks like next week with the Butler wedding and baptisms will be busy. Make sure to take lots of pictures and send those to me. As you can tell, I love getting pictures.

So once again I don't have much time but let me try to fill you in on whats has happened. Here is the top 3 of my week:

1) J was baptized! She is the woman from Sierra Leone, Africa and a sister of one of the members.  She was so so so Happy when she came out of the water. The baptism service was one of the best that we've had and the speakers did a great job. Lots of members were there to support so that was nice. Its too bad that this was the one week that our other investigators decided not to show up. Oh well, you win some and you lose some. 

2) I got to go on an exchange with Elder F in Scituate, RI and it was a ton of fun. I had the opportunity of interviewing this man from Guatemala who has been waiting for 3 years for his divorcement to go through so that he could then get married to the woman he has been living with. They both have been going to church faithfully all this time and now his divorcement has gone through and so they will get married and then baptized right after on this saturday (the 21st)! And we are going :) Also on the exchange we went to Newport Creamery with one of the young men in the ward who is preparing for a mission and I decided to pay for everyone. Thanks Mom and Dad :) They say thanks too!

3) Monday we got an extra special P-day. P day is today because of transfers but Monday was patriots day (the holiday only celebrated in Massachusetts) celebrating the start of the Revolution.  So the temple was open from 8-1pm for mostly missionaries! And because we live kinda close (about an hour away) we were able to go. We were able to do an endowment session and lots of baptisms and confirmations. Sis S was in my endowment session and so I got to talk to her for a bit and catch up. Also the C's were there and happy to see me. They just had their 50th wedding anniversary! And I saw lots of missionary friends that I haven't seen in a long time so it was way fun! Afterwards we went with about 20 missionaries to the park to play soccer. We chose teams and it ended up being all the brazilians (our Portuguese speaking missionaries) on one team and then me and other white kids on the other. But guess who one? :) yup i still got it. We won 8-7 and played for about an hour. Oh and did i mention it was 92 degrees outside and we were on a terf field? Yup I felt right at home and loved it!

Yup everything is going GRRREEAAAAT! Im loving Providence and all the good stuff happening. Mission life is where its at! Thanks for all the prayers and support. I'm so grateful to be out here and serving our Lord. I have come to see that the gospel truly blesses individuals but more importantly, it blesses families. I have also learned the importance of following what we know to be true, and following with all our might mind and strength. In one of our lessons this week with a new investigator, I asked him, "What would you be willing to do, if you found out that all this that we've talked about was true?" And he replied with such a simple yet powerful statement and that was, "I would follow it and do whatever I need to." This is the attitude we all need to have. We know that these things are true. Now go about doing all that you are supposed to. Changed what needs to be changed. Serve others. Be an Example.

Love yall! 
Elder Brady Johnson

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