Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Love Spring!

Isn't spring just so lovely?! I love it. there is just so much more energy and excitement in the world during this time of year. Its still a bit chilly and windy but otherwise, things are great.  A. still hasn't talked to his mom and we can't ever seem to catch her at home, but he still continues to come to church. No second lesson with T yet because he has been out of town, but hopefully soon. J is getting interviewed today for baptism but things look like she will be ready to go on Sunday. A. had us over for dinner and it was AMAZING! She made salmon and lots of fruits and vegetables and limeade. She is so legit. She also got interviewed for baptism. She is someone who was very much prepared for us. Every time we talked about a commandment she would say," Oh ya I already follow that. I've always thought that was a good way to live my life and now I'm happy that there are other people that agree with me." hahaha Isn't that awesome! So I will keep you updated.

Im jealous of all your Easter Sunday programs that were so great. I guess our bishopric didn't get the memo that they should do something for an easter program, which is a bit disappointing seeing as we had a full house! So many people showed up that don't usually show up. So instead we had two speakers. Alot of people were disappointed. Oh and Elder W and I sang in the ward choir.... but we were pretty much the whole choir haha there were others of course but they couldn't really sing :( so that was kinda a disaster but us two sounded good.

We had zone leader council on wednesday and I got to see all of my good friends like Elder P and Elder P and lots of others so that was fun. We also went to the mission office to pick up some supplies. Later we did exchanges with the Elders in Groton so we did about 400 miles of traveling in 3 days :) I love driving tho so its all good.

Glad to hear all is well. Sounds like you had fun with the cousins. No fair you got to go 4-wheeling and you heated the pool! You never heated the pool for us - we always had to jump in with ice cold water in the spring. I love you all! Good luck Brock with the school elections!

Elder Brady Johnson

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