Monday, February 6, 2012

Life in Rhode Island

Sup Peeps.  Glad to hear the extended family is doing well.  First off i don't appreciate the jokes about sending me your junk mail in response to my complaints about not gettting any mail, haha. Mom way to go on the fundraising idea for the soccer team.  Maybe I should just take business classes from you instead of going to byu and studying there haha.  Dad, stop getting hurt in basketball!  ps are you gonna play in the senior games this year since you are turning 50?

To answer your questions about being a zone leader, our schedule is still pretty much the same cept we go to a meeting once a month with all the ZL's and President, prepare zone meeting once a month, we report with all the district leaders about their numbers/concerns or whatever, and we go on exchanges with all the district leaders, the brand new missionaries, and the Assistants each transfer.  Cool huh?  But mostly we are just normal missionaries and so we are busy teaching and finding and doing all that missionary stuff.

Yes I am safe.  It is kinda ghetto in some areas but we don't often go there right now because we aren't really finding.  We have lots of stuff to be doing to keep up busy for awhile.  We did however almost get mauled by a huge pit bull but luckily he only broke thru the screen door a little bit so he couldn't get to us.  Haha oh the joyous experiences of a mission! :)  For P days there isn't too much to do but we play sports or chill with other missionaries and we are planning on touring around Brown Campus cuz that is in our area.  And we are actually teaching some people that go to Brown.  The guy we are teaching said he had a class with Emma Watson (aka Hermoine Granger from Harry Potter) last sememster! Haha that would be so awesome if we ran into her :)

Ok so anyways now to the goings on in the life of Your favorite Elder Johnson.  Elder W and I go to a fitness gym right next door every morning at 6am and get a really good workout.  Im getting huge! There is no way brock is gonna be able to beat me up when i get home.  Thats like my one goal haha jk.   Elder W goes home in june and i have no idea if i will be with him til then.  I hope so cuz we are really good friends and having the best time serving together!

We are meeting pretty regularly with 3 people with baptismal dates. C is the one getting baptized this week on the 12th! She passed her interview so easily and she is so prepared for baptism. I can't remember if i told you about her but her husband was less active and went on and requested the missionaries to come over.  So they went and started working with him and got him back to church and then he introduced them to his wife and boom the rest is history.  We ordained him to be a priest so now he can baptize his wife this weekend!  Its gonna be awesome.

We just ran out of time cuz we forgot to report the numbers of the zone to the AP's so I'll just end with... I love it here! This area is so much fun! Elder W is the greatest and we are teaching lots of people and seeing alot of success.  I love serving a mission!  The Church is the one and only true church on the earth!  Jesus Christ is the at the head of this church and im so grateful for all that He has done for me.  Well love yall!  be safe and be good examples, even among the believers cuz thats what we do :)
     Elder Brady Johnson

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