Monday, January 30, 2012

Wow what a crazy whirlwind last couple of days it has been.  Can you believe that im in Rhode Island? ya me neither.  But first let me start with Thursday. It was transfer meeting and the whole cambodian program was affected by this transfer so we were all at transfer meeting in Belmont MA and that was fun gettting to see everybody again.  Then came the hour or so long drive to Providence Rhode Island.  It is a bit ghetto here with lots of sketchy neighborhoods and lots of graffiti so of course I love it!  Our apartment is way tight too.  Not much else happened that day cept we met D.  D is famous among missionaries cuz he becomes your best friend and favorite person in just seconds after meeting him.  He is like 55, he doesn't work cuz of a working accident that messed up his leg, his wife passed away and so he spends mostly all of his time going out with the missionaries.  He has the thickest new England accent ever and he is just hilarious.  He joined the church about 11 years ago and ever since then he has been the best ward missionary.  I can't wait til you can meet him someday. 

Friday we drove an hour into Connecticut for district meeting.  We only make that drive every 3 weeks cuz we all switch off on which church we hold district meeting in.  So ya I can now say that I've been in all states that our mission covers.  New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.  Cool huh?  We got to meet S, the new cambodian convert who just got baptized 2 weeks ago.  It was weird to teach a full-on lesson in khmae but It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  Plus she fed us some really good food that she made.  

Saturday we taught a member referral, a lady from Sierra Leon and we extended a baptismal date and she accepted like that!  oh and we also have a baptism on Feb 12.  She is the wife of a recently re-activated member.  Plus we have 2 others we plan on extending to this week so this should be an awesome transfer. 

Sunday was super crazy just trying to meet and talk to everyone I possibly could plus we had to investigators at church in the Warwick ward and then in the YSA branch there was a few non members so hopefully we can meet with them.  I really like this area and the ward.  Its gonna be awesome down here and I think I will be here for a long time so that will be great. 

A little about our zone, we have the biggest zone in the mission. We have 26 missionaries or so and right now, our zone is doing really well with baptisms and dates.  Our Zone covers all of RI and a little bit of Connecticut. 

Its been really busy but already I've had so much fun. I love serving with Elder W again.  We are gonna have a really fun transfer and hopefully a very successful transfer.  This week is already super booked because of different meetings and lots of appointments.  We have tons of work in our area plus they just took two elders out of our ward so now we have their area and cover the whole ward by ourselves.  But we got this.  This is the Lord's work.  He qualifies whom He calls.  I love this work and know that it is true.  The book of Mormon is true.  I know it.  And I know that God lives.

Im glad to hear that everyone is doing well.  Mom thanks for being the only one who sends me snail mail these days.  Checking the mail isn't exciting any more because i never get anything ha.  But such is life.  I get lots of emails tho so thats lots of fun.  Well I love you all! Thanks for everything!

Love,  Elder Brady Johnson

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