Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I'm going to Rhode Island!

       Stacy made these shirts for Brady and his companion for Christmas. They say "Mission Possible".

So alot of big things happened this week. 1) it finally snowed, like 3 inches.  2)all the snow is gone and it was 60 degrees yesterday-so nice! and 3) IM GETTING TRANSFERRED! Yup 8 months in this lovely area is all over just like that. We got the text Saturday night and it said that I am going to Providence, Rhode Island which is a newly opened cambodian area.  My companion will be Elder W again(my trainer) and we are the Zone Leaders down there.  Its gonna be so much fun. I love Elder W and way excited to serve with him again.  Being a zone leader will be pretty intense but alot of fun as well.  Crazy stuff, huh?! here is my new address:

304 Pearl St  #209
Providence, RI 02907
I never would've thought I would ever find myself in RI ever in my life but here we go ha!  So the last few days have been saying goodbye to lots of people.  Lots of good memories here and this is definitely a place that I will bring my family back to after the mission.  It has been sad saying goodbye to our recent converts and also sad saying goodbye to investigators and members that have become close friends.  But Im sure I will see them again someday.  We will definitely keep in contact somewhat.  I went to say goodbye to the D family and she had made peanut butter bars again using mom's recipe.  It was awesome!  Oh and Bro C made me promise that I would tell Mom and Dad thanks for raising me and getting me here :)  He also is expecting to meet you guys too.  But you will have to talk REALLY loud cuz he is extremely deaf haha its the best!  It feels like I've been in this area forever so it will be nice to get out and start again new and have lots of new experiences with more people to meet.  Im way excited about it so don't worry about me in the least!

D is still doing really well.  She told us that she wants to join our church eventually and that she loves everything we are teaching her.  She said that since meeting with her, her mind is "expanding".  We showed her Alma 32:28 i think and it talks about exactly what she was explaining to us.  She is totally gonna get baptized but she just wants to take her time.  Its been really fun teaching her but definitely a new experience cuz she is just so open and accepting of what we say.  Sometimes we don't know what to say next cuz she has no comment about the principle we had just taught her. 

B is determined to take care of a problem and will start a church program to help him.  He plans to start the day after the superbowl.  People are going crazy about the superbowl and im sad I'll be in RI for it so as to not see all the celebrations.  Our other investigators still come to church but are taking it slow about getting baptized.  It will happen eventually.... thats how I feel with alot of our investigators-eventually it will happen.  Because they know it is good and know it is right but just aren't ready, you know?

Let me tell you about my favorite part of this last week. On Saturday, It snowed the 3 inches so that was cool but also we got invited to help out at a stake Youth activity down in Cambridge.  The Stake put on a MTC in a Day experience for all the youth in the stake.  So all the kids got fake mission calls in the mail the week before and told them to report to the stake center (MTC) on saturday.  My whole district got invited to do a 1 hour work shop with 3 times on teaching the first lesson/what is it like to be a missionary. Elder A and I had all the kids in our group role play and teach us a part of the first lesson.  It was alot of fun and all the kids had a good time asking questions and seeing what it was really like to serve a mission.  It was an awesome idea.  There were other workshops going on like:  A day in the life of a missionary,  language training, and P-Day and what not. 

We had alot of fun interacting with the youth and there are some solid kids in this area.  The young man that I baptized in September was there and he says he wants to serve a mission! How cool is that?!  Also, in one of my classes that I taught, I had President Eyring's grand daughter in it! Ha she totally looks like an Eyring. Her dad is the Area 70 here in New england.  President and Sister Evans also spoke at a fireside at the end of the event and it was really powerful.  All in all, it was alot of fun and I think it will be a big motivation for the kids to go on missions because If I had done something like this before my mission, i would be way stoked to go on a mission-not that I wasn't already but it just calms alot of nerves and fears i think.  I was thinking, maybe summer of 2013 Me, Adam, Daniel and Trevor and Dawson could organize something like that for our ward.  or something like that. 

Well peeps, I must be on my way but one last thing is that i know that this church is true.  How do I know it is true, one might ask? Well you see the other night after leaving R, M & V's house I felt extremely happy and so much love for that family.  I couldn't be this happy if this church wasn't true. Its just not possible.  I love the church and I love seeing the happiness the gospel brings into the lives of the families and individuals. And I am so honored and grateful for the privilege I have of being able to bring the gospel into other people's lives. Its a beautiful thing.  I love you guys!

Oh ps. V gave a talk in church on sunday! It was like a 3 min talk about prayer and how she said "the prayer of her life" so that her mom would let her get baptized and her prayer was answered a few months later.  She is only 11 years old and only been a member since Sept.and yet she is up there giving talks like its nothing.  She is so awesome.


     Elder Brady Johnson

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