Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Well Hello, Hello.  Another week has come and gone.  Sorry i didn't write for the last two days. Mon was Martin Luther King Jr. Day so libraries were closed and Tuesday we were too busy.  And to give heads up, next week is transfers so 1) I will be emailing again on Wednesday again and 2) send my mail to the mission home cuz i might get transferred.  Im pretty sure I'll be getting transferred but I said that last one so who knows what will happen.  We find out on Saturday.  I have been in this area for 8 months now.  I love it and all but I'm ready for a change of scenery, something new, a fresh start.

None of our investigators are progressing so no new updates about them.... Ya its kinda frustrating when you have lots of investigators but nothing happening with them.  Ok I take that back we have one really cool new investigator.  I don't remember if i wrote about her last week but her name is D and she is a nice older lady who is very curious and open to us.  We found her by a member bringing her to church.  That first sunday she came, she demanded us to come over and teach her more haha.  We've had two lessons with her and it is so much fun!  She likes to talk alot and tell us her theories and what not that are quite interesting but then all of a sudden she will just stop and say, "Sorry, please tell me more :)"  She is just soaking it all in but is not really thinking about baptism or big commitments like that yet.  Her first reason for meeting with us was because she wants to be a better person and she has noticed that Mormons are the type of people she wants to be like.  So she wants to know why it is Mormons act the way they do.  She often says after us teaching her a principle, "I can accept that.  But I'm not sure I believe it yet." haha she is just alot of fun to teach.  She asks some really hard questions and that I don't know what to say cuz I can't relate to alot of her situations but thank goodness for awesome members that we bring to lessons.  I'll keep you updated on her.  See, this is what happens when we get a member referral!  It is so much more likely to work out rather than the random people we meet on the streets that we never see again ha.

R, one of our recent converts called us on Friday night and asked, "so I was reading in Doctrine and Covenants 84 and i had some questions..." haha I was way caught off guard but apparently she has been reading and studying the scriptures like crazy.  She is so awesome along with all of our other recent converts.  By the way R and M are all doing really well.  I am so happy for them and it is so awesome to see that they are already part of the ward and it seems like they've been members the whole time.  This gospel changes lives. I am a witness of that.  It is truly incredible to be a part of it all.

We also had our monthly dinner at the D's with the P family(the gym families).  I love those families.  Just in case you forgot, they are not members but they absolutely love us missionaries.  We shared with them Pres. Monson's  address in the January Ensign about Having an Abundant life and they loved it.  They were way impressed by what he said and the spirit was very very strong.  I was able to bear my testimony that he is a prophet of God and I realized that I really do know that he is a prophet.  Don't you just love those moments when you have known something for awhile but never really known it and then it just clicks and the spirit confirms it to you? I don't know if that makes sense to you but it does to me.  Pres Monson is The Prophet of God on this earth today.  Just read his words and you will also know.

The last thing I want to write about today is about our Leadership training we had this week down in the Cambridge Stake center.  It was all the Zone Leaders, the District leaders+companions, the AP's and President and Sister Evans. 9am-4pm of being trained by President Evans, each other and the spirit and tons of roleplaying.  Roleplaying is the number one missionary tool for helping us be better missionaries.  I love being able to go to these meetings every other month.  President Evans is so funny and so knowledgeable.  Plus Sis Evans always makes the most amazing lunches. Oh and the other thing that I like about them is that I get to see alot of my buddies from the mission.  I got to see Elder Aaron Hall-one of my good friends from high school- for the first time since June and that was awesome.  We were able to catch up and see how much each of us has grown since high school ha.  Good times. 

Well family and friends i must be on my way. Duty calls, you know.  I love you all so much. And i love our Savior Jesus Christ.  I love being His representative in the New England area.  He is the light and Life of the world.

ps. just some random facts, it was FREEZING on saturday and sunday but now its back up to the 40's and 50s and its nice. It finally snowed yesterday but today its all melted and gone.  So one of my goals for this year is to improve my memory and the way i go about doing that is by memorizing a scripture or two each day.  Some apostle once said that If you memorize a scripture each day for like a year or two(i don't know the details just the main idea of what he said ha) you will have a photographic memory.  So thats what im doing.  I've memorized 18 scripture masteries in 18 days and still have them all memorized.  And each one I memorize, the easier it gets.  Cool huh? ha k, bye

     Elder Brady Johnson

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