Monday, January 9, 2012

Hey Peeps! Thanks for keeping me updated in your lives. Its the best getting letters and emails from all of you so keep it up!  I received revelation that my summer job in 2013 will be being an EFY couselor at BYU! Im so excited for it haha. Dahlson is home?! Man that is sooooo crazy!  Tell him to give me his email address or something.  Also If someone could get me Trevor T's email address that would be splendid.  Thanks! 

Well this week was super busy.  So much so, that we simply don't have time to go out finding(street contacting or tracting).  Its crazy. I've never been this busy before but we have been able to just find new people by just talking to EVERYONE we see on our way to different appointments are trying to contact referrals.  One of the keys to missionary work is just simply talking to everyone.  Also, every one else in our zone is doing lots of finding and since we are the english elders almost over the whole zone, we are getting tons of referrals from the other missionaries. haha so we don't have to find cuz other missionaries are doing it for us haha. Its way cool!  We have been trying really hard to plan very effectively because if we don't, we are going to not be able to meet/teach very many people.  Its always a good feeling knowing you have a deep investigator pool to draw from.

But even tho we have been super busy, nothing really has come from it.  Lots of investigators but very little progression.  Its frustrating at times and we had a few lessons this week where we sat down with investigators and straight up asked them Why they were meeting with us and what they were hoping to get from all this and then we were able to share our purpose and what we wanted to do and how we don't want to be wasting our time and your time if they are not gonna do anything about the things they learn.  And we got a really good response and a renewed desire to learn and to find the truth.

We met with a lady who is having a baby in like a week- and she is really searching for the truth. We watched the Restoration movie with her and after, asked her what she thought and she said," I feel like I'm in the same position as that Joseph Smith kid.  Im just looking to do the right thing."  Boom! Solid!  So then we promised her that she would find the truth thru meeting with us and reading the book of Mormon and then we committed her to be baptized if she found that all this was true and she accepted!  The only problem is that it will be hard to meet with her for the next little while cuz of the whole baby sitch.

No new news about D, D, and J cept that they all came to church this week and at least D is still looking forward to getting baptized eventually.  Its just a long story with them that i really don't have time to explain. but Eventually they will all be baptized but all in due time.  J went two days without coffee but then got major headaches so he went back to one cup a day but is slowly drinking less and less and sometimes goes a whole day without drinking it. 

We had interviews with President Evans this week and it was awesome.  He is such a funny person.  And he always has the spirit with him. I'm sad that he goes home this summer.  In our interview he gave some really good advice and was just a good listener.  He told me that in his mission these last 2 years he has had the hardest days in his life. But he has also had the very best days of his life as well.  Nothing has ever brought him to his knees so often in fervent prayer and it is so true.  The mission is extremely hard but so very rewarding.  I love it out here.  Things are going good. I really just can't complain. I am so blessed.

It has been soooo warm this winter.  It got up to 60 this week!  still no snow which is a bummer but its also a good thing cuz then driving is still safe.  But there have only been two days that have been decently cold and it was earlier this week and it got to like 15 degrees plus a very bitter wind chill. So we've been lucky there.

Well i got to get going.  We are going to go down to Cambridge and walk around the Havard (my future school) and MIT campuses. So Im pretty stoked.  I Love you guys. Thanks for everything!

     Elder Brady Johnson

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