Tuesday, December 27, 2011

WAHOOOOOO YAY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (This is the picture of the computer screen while we were skyping.  Brady always has to pull a face!)
Isn't life just the greatest?!  I love life, I love my family, I really love being on a mission and I love my Savior Jesus Christ.  What else can i even say?  Its just a good day :)  Thanks all of you for what you do to make my day. 
So talking to all yous guys on sunday was awesome.   Im so glad we got to skype cuz the funnest part was being able to see you all and your faces and how much you've grown-some more than others and some growing up and some growing wider ;)  It was awesome cuz for a few minutes I was just there, with the family. I was in on the family conversations and the jokes and it was just alot of fun.  I love yous guys!  ps i definitely approve of the name Brody for Blake and Karli's baby. It's cool that it is a combination of me and Brock's name (and Cody too... right?)  Im super jealous that you are all going to that Michael Jackson Cirque show in Vegas, but at least I'm not missing a cruise like we did to Blake ha. The presents were all great and I have tons of sweets to tide me over for the next little while. 
Alright now to my week.  Not gonna lie, it was not the best week we had. Lots of people canceling appointments and lots of distractions aka christmas so not a whole lot got done.  But one of our investigators-D is getting baptized on Jan 8th so that is legit!  We are trying to get his brother to get baptized the same day but he is a little unsure.
I also decided that I live with "Elder Calhoun" from the movie The Best Two Years.  Our greenie Elder S is like him in some ways and its hilarious.  Every night we come home and he is bursting with excitement to tell us EVERYTHING that happened to him that day ahaha its the best.  He is really good at spanish already and is a good missionary. 
This week Elder A and I went to a concert.... which im pretty sure it was supposed to be a funeral but was mostly a concert haha.  A lady in our ward who is pretty inactive had her mom pass away and her other church (which is a born again christian church) did the funeral for her but she invited us and a few other members in our ward to the funeral.  It was ridiculous.  After the service we were all eating lunch in the cafeteria they have in the church and we were sitting next to one of the pastors and we started just having a nice chat asking him about himself and how he became a pastor and then he started asking questions about our church and then quoting the bible to tell us we were wrong in believing one thing or the other.  But his arguements were so hollow and i could've said so many things to prove him wrong in what he was saying but I don't bash.  Some missionaries do it and get into it but not me.  I know what i would say to prove them wrong but its useless cuz they are soo illogical that logic goes right over their heads.  So instead, Elder A and I just smiled and bore some solid witnesses of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and he didn't know what to say so he condemned us both to Hell and got up and left.  It was fantastic hahaha I think i had too much fun with that one.
Lets see what else.... Christmas eve we had a zone get together and gift exchange and then we went carolling at the Old Folks home where we do service every week playing hangman and pictionary with the guys.  It was just like old times going singing on sunday nights in St. George with all my friends.  They were all very sweet and appreciative.  Then we proceeded to the B's house for your traditional christmas dinner... NOT haha we had King Crab and shrimp cocktail.  Nothing is ever normal in the B home but thats how i like it!

Christmas day we woke up and opened presents and then made a Huge breakfast.  Then went to church for an hour and 4 investigators came that have never come to church before and who we've only talked to over the phone so that was cool.  Hopefully we can start teaching two of them -the other two we are sending to the university elders in Cambridge.  We dinner at R and R's house and they actually made a traditional christmas dinner of ham and what not.  It was so good.  I love those two families so much.  I don't know how i got so lucky being able to teach them and bring them to this gospel. They are so solid!  Then I called my family and that was that.  Christmas is kinda bitter sweet cuz its Christmas and awesome and all that but it comes and goes so fast.  Oh and no snow on christmas!  I was so looking forward to a legit white christmas but Nope.  maybe next time.

Well peeps this is a beautiful time of the year.  Time to make some new years resolutions. So set some goals and go about actively accomplishing them.  I have lots of stuff I still have to do and lots to become before I go home next year.  I love you all.  Be good. 


     Elder Brady Johnson

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