Monday, December 5, 2011

Hey everybody!  I am so happy right now! things are just wonderful.  Life is great, I've got the best family and friends in the world (well they could be better if they wrote letters more ;), things are going good and I love being a missionary!  Yes I did see the Christmas devotional last night but missed parts of it cuz some random guy called us saying that he had got a card from us a long time ago and wants to come to church and meet with us. Cool huh? haha  
Ok so now for why I am so happy.  Well it all has to do with Sunday but it has been something in the process for the last 6 months and it all finally came to yesterday.  First off, we've been really focusing on the member missionary lessons this transfer, more than others and we've had some really good families take the lessons and have good experiences with it.  One family set a date to find someone for us on dec. 3 and they did it! and we will be teaching them this week or next!  Then in church we had 3 members get up and bear testimony on missionary work mentioning us and the member missionary lessons and all the cool things they've learned and all the cool experiences they've started to have.  There was a definite excitement about missionary work in the air.  Also, B came to church! His first time and he stayed the whole time and liked it.  G also came.  We also got to watch the christmas devotional like I mentioned and got that random referral and then a member called saying he was out doing visits with the elders quorum and they had just been in the missionary spirit and contacted some lady on the street and talked about the gospel and she is way interested!  Its finally happening! Our Ward is becoming a missionary ward!  Im so stoked!  Its so awesome and it has been alot of work but I think it is now self sustainable.  im just sad cuz I'll probably get transferred next week and not get to be here for all of the success.  But oh well, thats life right? Im just ready to go do the same thing in a new ward.
So speaking of transfers, the texts come on saturday and that means that I wont write til wednesday next week.  That also means that you should start sending things to the mission home starting monday the 12th cuz i have no idea what will happen. 
We get to go to the temple on tuesday with President and Sister Evans and our zone and Im way excited!
Well thats all i got time for but just know that i love you all and make sure to follow Pres. Uchtdorf's counsel of not getting caught up in trying to have the picture perfect christmas, cuz most likely, its not gonna happen.  So don't be caught up in the stress and worry of trying to make everything perfect but just focus on the sublime and joy of this season and remember Christ.  We are so blessed!  Don't you just love this time of year?! its impossible not to be happy when you are so focused on what we have been given and on Christ.  I love you guys!  Have a wonderful week!

     Elder Brady Johnson

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