Monday, December 19, 2011

Yup, I love Christmas!

Well like I predicted, these last few days have been pretty darn crazy. First off, How is Christmas only 6 days away? Where did the time go? I wish I could spend the holiday with you all but duty calls :)  Just so you know, I am loving it out here! 
So thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday all involved some sort of time spent planning/organizing the area.  Like I told you, we took over the Sisters' area and so now we have the whole area and ward to ourselves.  That means we are super busy for the next little while.  Its been crazy trying to take the two area books (each set of missionaries in an area have what we call an area book that holds all the teaching records, progress records and just lots of records.  *if you have further questions about area books please refer to the nearest RM to you)  and make it into one clean, nice, organized and functioning Area book of Champions haha.  Im pretty proud of myself at how organized I am becoming. Still not a perfectionist, by any means, but I like things to look nice.  Plus Im not only organizing for myself and Elder A but for all the future missionaries that will come to Revere.  Its taken alot of time but it will be worth it. 
Wednesday after emailing, we went down to Boston to Quincy Market and did some christmas shopping and it was so much fun!  Oh and ps it finally decided to get cold here :(  haha but no worries, I've got my thermals!  
Thursday Elder P came home with a brand new greenie! He is so cute!  haha jk but he is a cool guy and totally green :) But i love it! I want my own greenie.  His name is Elder S from Nevada.  He is just super fired up like most greenies straight from Home Base aka MTC. 
Friday...stuff happened, I know it but just can't remember haha.  We made a green breakfast for our new roommate and it was so cool.  Green pancakes, green eggs and ham, green smoothies, and green jello.  Aren't we just the best roommates?  Oh and we had district meeting and now and Im still the district leader.  Boy have the dynamics changed a ton in this district over the months.
Saturday we went to two parties both with investigators! Thats whats up.  B had us over for his daughters birthday party along with his whole family.  It was a bit awkward but hey, what's a mission without awkward moments?  His mom actually talked to us and was saying she was so shocked but pleased at how much he has changed in the last few months.  She introduced us to her younger son and pretty much wants us to do the same thing to him haha.  Both of the guys came to church on sunday and had a good time.  That makes 3 weeks in a row for B!  it really has been amazing to see him changing.  He has become a good friend and I hope he will someday get baptized.  The 2nd party was an investigator family that the sisters were working with wanted to do something nice for someone at Christmas and so they had a member in our ward who is single and living alone and lost his mother earlier this year over to their house and they bought him a present and we kinda just had christmas with him. It was really awesome.  That family is super solid.   Im excited to further work with them. 
Sunday was a wonderful day!  We taught a new investigator because he was meeting with the bishop cuz he wants to go to byu and then he met with us cuz he wants to know more about the church.  It was a way solid lesson and he is very interested in everything.  Too bad we will probably have to transfer him to the university ward in cambridge but thats ok.  Church was amazing because we had 6 investigators at church and this sunday was the main christmas program. And let me tell you, this ward has sooooo much talent!  There were lots of musical numbers and few speakers and the spirit was so strong.  I feel like they should do that way more often in church ha.  At church our dinner for that night cancelled but someone else offered to have us over so we were saved!  We ended the night by going over to the M's house along with a couple of other families and acted out the Nativity!  It was alot of fun and there were little children all over the place.  Oh and they had some non member friends who we got to talk to and maybe more will come of that :)
So ya.  Things are going quite splendidly.  I can't complain really.  I love it out here.  Someone asked me today while in the store if I liked it out here and my reply was "yes" of course but then i thought about it, and you know what, I really do love it out here!  Ya it definitely not Utah and it is super crazy and the driving is insane and people are weird ha but I really love it out here.  More and more I find myself thinking that I could see myself pulling "a Blake and Karli" and move out here after i get my bachelors and try and go to Harvard Business school.  I have connections already so who knows haha.  I also love this holiday and season.  I love Christmas and I love it because of the closeness I feel with my savior.  Gifts really don't mean as much to me this year.  I feel like I have really been able to focus on our Savior and His birth and I am so happy!  Christ is the Lord.  Praise His name forever.  He is Wonderful.  The counselor.  The mighty God and the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.  I love you all and am so grateful for your examples in my life.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

     Elder Brady Johnson

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