Monday, May 21, 2012

Another school year gone by

Wow what a fast week. I can't believe another school year has come and gone. I've been graduated from High school for 2 whole years! WOW (imagine me spelling it with my hands in a "w" and and mouth making the "o"-you know how I showed you last week on skype?) That means Brock and Stacy have alot more free time to email/write me :) Hurray! Im super jealous of your fun trip you are going on to North Carolina and Tennessee! Take lots of pictures cuz it makes it more fun! How come no one ever told me my cousin Jessica Johnson is getting married?! I better be invited haha.

 This week was a good one. We did exchanges with the elders in Groton, CT (an hour away) and i stayed down there with Elder S. It rained the entire time but it was fun walking around getting soaked. Groton is home of the major Submarine base for the U.S so that was cool to drive by. We also got to go out with the Stake President, Pres. Hutchins and he is the man!

We had a leadership training, meaning all the zone leaders, district leaders &comps, and sisters came together with Pres and did trainings and roleplays and discussions and one of the major things that came up is that the biggest downfall of the church here in New England is that hardly anyone does home teaching or visiting teaching. I am willing to bet that the church would explode and flourish out here if people started doing thier visits. So everyone who reads this, Please do your home/visiting teaching!!!!!!!!!!!

Y is doing so good these days. We actually bumped up his baptism to this week (the 27th). So he and A will be baptized on the same day! We asked Y in one of our lessons, "Since meeting with us and coming to church, have you noticed a differenece in your life?" He just laughed and with a huge smile he said, "YES! I am 1million and 5% happier these days and my friends and family are noticing it and asking me whats different." How cool is that? He is going to be a great member of the church and a great leader. A is solid too. We taught him 3 nights in a row and had the interview and he's all set! He is excited. 
Lastly, this weekend was stake conference. It was marvelous. Our stake presidency is so focused on missionary work and good things are happening. Our Zone, which covers the stake, is leading the mission in baptisms and baptismal dates. Its pretty awesome.  Pres Coates spoke (we teach alot at his house) and he had alot of good things to say about Elder W and I. Pres and sis Evans also spoke Saturday night. but the best speaker for the adult session and general session was Pres. Hutchins. That man speaks with power and authority but with love. Like i said before, he is the man. He has 10 kids, the oldest on a mission, and has been the stake pres for only a year, and he goes out with the missionaries at least once a month, plus he works for Fizer(sp?) and is pretty high up in the rankings. And he does it all. And he does it really well. He really knows how to inspire peolpe. Another cool part about the conference was a 12yr old recent convert of 2months, this young african/american kid with a Huge fro spoke about the blessings that have come to his life since joining the church. His talk was one of the best given and he gave it professionally, without using any notes. It was so cool!

And now I am sitting at the Boston Public Library, in down town Boston emailing you all. Yup we got up here again and I love this city. I could totally live here and work here. Its just got a really good nice clean feel to it.  I love you all and cant wait to hear about your trip!
Love, Elder Brady Johnson

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