Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

That was so much fun to see all of you on the computer yesterday! One of the little boys that was waving to you on skype said to me after the call with the fam, "your mom is pretty." haha and i was like, "yup i have a pretty mom." Then When talking to Karli, Elder W. told Brother Don that i was talking to some babe and he was like, "what?! He can't do that!" but then i explained, that it was my sister and my new nephew. Good stuff. Oh before i forget, an elder in our district told me to tell my mom hi from him, so Hi from elder S!

I forgot to tell you cuz i totally spaced it but we (elder w and i) gave a talk in church yesterday. And it went really well. I don't think i have ever received more praise and compliments from any talk before like we did after those talks. Alot of the members told us to make sure and tell our mothers Thanks for all that they did to make us great and get us here. I talked about the Untold Stories of Mothers-the things we seem to over look. I asked everyone to think of all the great prophets, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Nephi, Mormon, Capn moroni, Mosiah, ect. And then said, "Now think about the mothers of all of these great men and imagine what they were like. I know that their mothers were a huge role in making these men so great because that is exactly what mothers do." And... a whole lot more was said but i don't really feel like writing it all out :) But i love you mom!

I told you my release date has been set and it is December 28. This means I will be able to make it to school in Jan without too much rush (one week is plenty of time.)  Well im gonna go cuz we are making the road trip to Boston today to play some Soccer! Bye! love ya! Write me people:)
    Elder Brady Johnson

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