Monday, May 7, 2012

I'm an uncle!

Hurray! I'm an uncle now!!!! It feels good. Congrats to Blake and Karli! and Congrats to Mom and Dad for being old.... i mean for being grandparents! Yay!!!! I can't wait to talk to all of you and see the little guy. I will most likely call on Mother's day around 6-7pm my time so about 4-5 your time? but it could be later. We are going over to our bishop's house and helping with dinner for his wife and then we will call. Should be a good day because Elder W and I got asked to speak in church on Mothers :) So momma I just gotta say, you are amazing! Thanks for everything!

As for the week, it was quite eventful. We had zone leader council so that means breakfast and lunch provided by Sister Evans. But then we got a special treat because that night we met with the Providence Stake Presidency along with Pres. Evans and afterwards he took us out to dinner! It was awesome. Pres. Evans is the Man! I'm really sad to see him leaving in the next month but its ok cuz he lives in Bountiful and so I will get to visit him often. He is such a humble and really funny guy. Meeting with our Stake Presidency was pretty awesome. Every one of them is like a CEO of some big company and so the meeting was very business-like and could've been intimidating but we came prepared and we held our own in there haha it was cool. I've never seen a more missionary minded group of people. And they don't just talk the talk. They are out there working with us missionaries and constantly challenging the wards and members to step it up and share the gospel. Its a great time to be a missionary in the Providence RI stake. Good things are happening and Great things are on the horizon!

Y is the one investigator with the most promise and progress. He is just solid. He is reading the Book of Mormon pretty faithfully and comes to church every week and is loving all of it. We had a lesson with him this week and he told us that he definitely recognizes that the spirit is with us(the missionaries) whenever we come to his house. He feels so good after we come. He also asked a really good question, "Is it ever going to get easier?" He said this because he, on his own, decided he wanted to quit a bad habit and so he did a few months ago. but the temptation is still there. Even when he is now closer to God than ever, he feels a stronger temptation. He is such a good guy and really wants to do the right thing and it is very inspiring. We talked about Enduring to the End and how that word endure lets us know that its not always going to be easy but if we stay faithful to God he will never forsake us. 

We have Zone Conference coming up this week and we as a zone have decided to "Forsake the World", by choosing one thing that we will sacrifice in order to better fulfill our purpose and become better missionaries, to prepare for the Zo Co. Elder W and I decided that we will sacrifice our english. Meaning that we will not talk to each other in English except with other english speaking missionaries or members around. So this is what we do. We talk in spanish with each other and if i don't know how to say a word or don't understand something he says, then we use cambodian. Its pretty awesome. I've already seen the blessings. My spanish has gotten way better-its still very bad but its improving. I prayed in spanish at a members house who is dominican! It is definitely really hard to not speak in english and it gets quite frustrating at time but its all going to be worth it in the end!

So i challenge you to all do the same, that is choose one thing that you will give up, let go, or change in order to become more like Christ. I can promise you that its not easy, but it will be worth it and you will be happier!  I love you all! See you next week! Please think of things that you want to talk to me about and ask me!
Love, Elder Brady Johnson

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