Monday, July 16, 2012

Full Speed Ahead!

Holy smokes the weeks are flying by! And they are just getting jam-packed with stuff. Its been Go Go Go this last week and its been pretty stressful having to make sure everything works out but thats what i love so its great!

First off, the most exciting thing was that C and V got baptized yesterday! Their Mom and Step-dad and two sisters all came to the three hours of church and then the baptism and they really enjoyed it! Their mom was super happy and thanked us a ton for everything. Elder M baptized C and then i baptized V:) When they both got in the bathroom after the baptism they looked at each other and yelled, "that was so cool!!!" haha it was the best! Lots of members were there to support and all in all, SUCCESS!

Another cool thing that happened sunday is that I got to confer the aaronic Priesthood upon Y (finally-  He's been super busy with work) That was a first for me. He's the man! He will do great things as he progresses in the gospel.

Oh and we also taught the High Priest quorum lesson. That was a first ha. We taught them about how to effectively share the gospel and had a really good lesson. Now in this ward I have taught HP, Elders quorum, Relief Society, young womens, young mens, and also taught a primary class. Plus given talks in Sacrament. Haha wow that shows that I've been in this ward way too long. If I'm here much longer, they will make us teach Nursery haha!

So some of the stressful things of being a zone leader was that we had two new elders brought in to the spanish ward in our zone and so we were put in charge of finding them an apartment, getting everything set up, having them live with us for a few days, and then get them moved in. All this took place in less than 5 days. Yup it was crazy. But We got it done and all is well. The two elders are way cool. Elder H is straight from Chile (He's only been in the US for 3 weeks) and speaks very little english haha its so much fun. It brings me back to the days when Elder A barely spoke english. But its all good cuz I can understand him in spanish and we can at least communicate. But his comp is way good at spanish and does a great job translating. the Chilean also plays soccer. of course he does, he's from chile, but i mean he was about to play for a pro club team down there but chose to come on his mission. And the cool thing is that he's been a member his whole life. We are gonna have alot of fun this transfer together in the zone and whatnot.

Lastly, something cool that happened was that we had 13 different members come out and teach with us this week! Thats our new record. The key is that we got couples to come out together :) there's a good date idea-go out with the missionaries and teach someone the good word! Dad asked, what we are doing differently to work with members because, you are right, I've spent most of my mission working with members and not much is different, just that now the whole mission is going to make a more concentrated effort on working with members, instead of just tracting all day. And President Packard gave us alot of good ideas to build off of and suggestions on what to do better when helping members with missionary efforts. and one of the things is following up on the commitments you give to them. He wants us to treat members like we would investigators and to keep records of what we teach them and what invitations/commitments we give them. We will be training all of the elders and sisters in our zone this week on the things we learned from President at Zone Leader Council so it should be pretty sweet.

Last week we played basketball at this park and there was like 6 of us elders and these 14yr old kids came on and challenged us to a game. They were pretty good. I think they actually beat us... ha no one in my zone really plays b ball cept me. But i did get a fast break and i totally dunked it again :) Oh the great things that come to you when you serve a mission!

Whelp, thats all folks. I love you all! In the words of my good friend, Kolby Emett: Call me! haha k bye!
Elder Brady Johnson

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