Monday, July 23, 2012

No, Really!

Well Hello everybody! This week was BUSY but i love being busy! some highlights: C adn V were confirmed -i was able to confirm V so that was special- haha when we all put our hands on his head, he said, "OW!" really loud. i guess there was just too much weight on his head ha. We also spent the rest of sacrament meeting with them and their cousins trying to keep them controlled and quiet, ha we really need to get their parents to church somehow.... the YSA branch that we cover had a record 40 or so people at church this last sunday and it was AWESOME! One of my and Elder M's focus since he came to this area is to help the YSA grow by inviting those in other wards to come attend here. And its coming along. Plus we've had a few people move in for the summer. one of which is C Flake and yup he is second cousins to Dawson! He has a little brother who we went to lunch with who actually was in Dawson's ward at Dixie State! Small world. 

Next, We spent all day wednesday at the Warwick Chapel for interviews with president and trainings by us and the Assistants. We did 3 sessions so we had our zone split up in 3 groups and they came at 9, 11:30, and 2:30 and we stayed and helped train them on the things we learned at zone leader council a few weeks back. It was a long day but so good too. There was a crazy thunderstorm towards the end and the power went out so we ended up doing the last 2 hours in the dark ha. Then we immediately got in the car with President Packard and drove down to Groton RI to meet with our Stake Presidency. i love those meetings. Then drove back with Pres and he took us to dinner. With all that time with him, we really got to know him. He told us all about his mission, his life before the mission and his job. He was a big time Trial attorney and spoke in some pretty intense court cases. Some, murder cases. From his stories I felt like it was something in a movie.My conclusion about President Packard: He's the man! He likes to ask us for advice and what we think on certain matters or what can he improve on and we can be totally honest and open with him.

Lastly, I went on an exchange from friday to saturday with my good friend Elder H, the chilean. This is what the title of my email eludes to. Little background: Elder H is from chile. He's been on a mission for 3 weeks and has been speaking English for about 3 weeks :) Talk about a fun tour. He has a few phrases he really likes and says over and over again which include, NO Really! Be Mature. That is for Girls. Bring it. (and my favorite) Curtains! haha He tries to say curtains like people from utah where you don't say the "t" so he says Cur n's and that is how he texts it to us at least once a day haha. But i digress. It was so fun spending the whole day with him. My spanish got a good work out and I realized that i could probably survive if i only had to speak spanish. It would be super rough but i could do it... maybe. I love being around people from other countries and different cultures. I think my love for them all started back with Ivan the Ukrainian, Henry from Germany and then Palm from Thailand - exchange students from my high school days. Haha good times. I've decided that i HAVE to live outside of the U.S for at least 6 months at some point in my life. I just gotta experience being the foreigner cuz it looks like it is so much fun!

That is all. Oh, sounds like the Idaho weekend was fun, congrats to Jessica and Colby.  

Elder Brady Johnson

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