Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Well my friends and family, I don't have much time at all this week cuz we are having too much fun this p-day! So real quick:

the 3 children I have been teaching should be getting baptized this week on the 8th.

I'm still not sure what we will do for the 4th of July but we have permission to stay out late for fireworks- I like the new mission president already :)  We will meet President Packard for the first time on July 4th in the morning along with his family. I'm way excited!

We went to the temple with some of the ward on saturday night and J went and then on sunday she bore her testimony for the first time and said how grateful she was for this church and all the members and the missionaries who brought her here and helped her be baptized. It was so cool to be there for that. She is so solid :)

We have alot of members helping us by coming out teaching with us. More members want to come out than we have appointments so its pretty awesome! I feel like this is my home ward now and I'm such good friends with alot of the members. I hope i don't get transferred any time soon cuz I absolutely love it here!

I had legit ethiopian food and that was way interesting!

I love it here. I love the investigators, the missionaries, the members, my companion elder M is way cool, and things are just great! We are so lucky to live in this great country where we have so many freedoms! our founding fathers truly were inspired by God. Life is great when you are a missionary! We have every reason to be happy as Latter Day Saints! Remember that and be happy! I love you all!

Elder Brady Johnson

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