Monday, June 25, 2012

Uncleship times 2!

First off, Congratulations kikki!!!!!!! You're a real live momma now! how exciting! Geez my big bro is changing diapers and my big sis is having babies and my little sis is 16. I'm not gonna recognize anyone when i get home! Fun fun fun stuff :) Next, sorry Ryan for misquoting the song from last week.  I've been on a mission for 18 months give me a break. But actually now it makes me wonder how many things am i quoting wrong? cuz i love to quote movies like most of you know (I do it more out here than i ever did at home if you can believe that) and I bet because of the missionary veil, I am mis-quoting quite a few.

This week was fantastic. It started with an exchange with one of my best friends, the assistant, Elder P! How cool is that?! We got to spend Monday night and tuesday down here in Providence. We haven’t had that much time together since back in the Revere Days. So it was alot of fun to catch up and reminisce. We got to teach S and it was amazing! We read with her Sis Dalton's talk from the Young Women General broadcast this year and then we talked about it with her. At the end of the lesson I asked , "do you feel like meeting with us and hearing these things is helping you in your life?She answered saying, "YES! Everything you guys talked about today and what the lady said are exactly what has been on my mind this week. It helps alot. I love when you guys come over. Its like God was talking to me through you." Those are my favorite moments as a missionary when you know you are saying things that others need to hear and apply to their lives and then those people confirm that and let you know that they are hearing what God wants them to hear. I love being that instrument that Heavenly Father can use to communicate to His Children. I love helping people. There really is nothing better.

So this week was HOT! I think it got to 100 degrees. But honestly, the humidity really isn't that bad. I've been in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Virginia in the summer and I still think St. George is just as hot or hotter. You just sweat more out here. We had the privilege of helping a new family move in on one of those really hot days from 1pm to 3pm. It was quite the pleasant experience ha it was like i had jumped into a pool. Oh and Friday morning at indoor soccer it was way hot and i came out of there completely soaked and dripping sweat haha isn't it great?

We had some really fun lessons with M, C and V -the little african kids. We taught them the Word of Wisdom and also the 10 commandments and all three of them can tell you all the commandments in order. How many of you can do that? didn't think so haha. We made up this little hand trick for the Word of wisdom and used something we learned in seminary using our hands to remember the commandments and the kids loved it and it really stuck. I have to hold back fits of laughter at some points of our lessons with them cuz they get so distracted at times or ask really random and funny questions. But i love teaching them. We moved their date back another week to July 8th to make sure they are really ready to be baptized. But they are almost there.

Last night was one of the best nights. We had a family home evening with some new members at H's house (H is the one we were teaching awhile back with the and now we've been meeting with them once a week cuz they noticed a difference when we meet with them and they want that spirit in their home) Elder M and I taught the lesson on Hope and it was great. C agreed to come to FHE and I think she really felt the spirit and she made a lot of comments how she has realized that she needs more hope and to endure. It was perfect. And it was great for M and H too cuz we had asked them if they could do us a favor and they were more than happy. So moral of this story, 1) have FHE 2) don't give up on people cuz miracles happen and 3) One of the keys to missionary work is to get people to serve with you, don't just serve people. because most people want to serve. Its natural and it feels good to serve others, people just need opportunities. Plus it allows them to feel the spirit. So challenge of the week, think and look for ways you can get non members or less active members to serve with you in your respective callings or assignments in the church or anything really. Ready? GO!

ok i'm going too. I love you! Have a wonderful week! Do good..Stuff :) "hey mom is this a good activity?"

ps. Mom stop counting my days left!

Elder Brady Johnson

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