Monday, June 4, 2012

June is here already!

Its been a crazy last couple of days, Going to transfer meeting and saying goodbye to alot of friends going home, having to part ways with Elder W, but also seeing other friends at transfers. Then i got my new comp Elder M from Cache Valley Utah. He is way awesome just like I remember him when we used to go on exchanges back in Lynn. It is going to be a way fun transfer, thats for sure! We get along really well and even tho its crazy trying to get everything organized, getting Elder M up to date on things, teaching him the ways of ZLship and helping all the new members in our zone (10 of 26) figure everything out, we are having a blast! I'm really excited for this transfer and our zone is really solid.

Not too much to report this weekend because it was just alot of planning and organizing. But A got confirmed on sunday and I had the privilege of perfoming the confirmation -my first time ever doing one! Y couldn't make it to church this week so we'll get him next week. J and S (the twins) and their mom Teresa (haha mother Teresa -no i don't call her that but probably will some day) are all legit interested in the gospel and J and S came to all 3 hours of church and loved it and want to go to Trek and all the different summer activities!  Ya, way cool and very exciting!!!!

Thats about it. Mom you are right, I really love this area and these people so it probably means that this will be my last transfer. But then again, you never know what the lord has in store for us. President and Sister Evans will be leaving and going home June 30th and then we get the new guys on july 1st! Big changes are happening but the Work of the Lord rolls forth. It is such a great time to be a missionary. I love this stuff! I wish you all could experience the things that I am experiencing cuz it changes your life. I love change! And I love you all! TTFN Ta Ta For Now!
Elder Brady Johnson

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