Monday, June 11, 2012


Wow is all i can really say. Wow there is so many exciting things going on at home! Wow my  friends on missions are having some crazy awesome miracles and experiences! Wow I love this area and my mission! and Wow I only have 6 months left! OH NO!!!!! ok so i have a little over 6 months but it hit me this week just how short of time that is and how I don't think im ready to go home that soon. But it just makes me want to work even harder and love every second because it will be over too soon.

Thanks for all the emails and letters you all send to me and for the great examples that you are. I feel so lucky to have family and friends like you. I really wish you could all be here with me to experience the things I'm experiencing and the things I see and do. Its so incredible and most of the time its just impossible to describe it all and tell everything. It makes writing home kinda frustrating cuz you know that no one really understands everything that you are saying. I have a very strong testimony that a mission is first and foremost for YOU, the individual.

So here in little ol RI things are going bam bam bam. We have no time to waste and no free time whatsoever we are always go go go. I feel bad for Elder M cuz he has no idea whats going on half of the time cuz there is so much to do that he is not used to. But we are getting there. I love Elder M haha we have a great time together and we are always cracking jokes and laughing. But he is also very serious and spiritual and is a deep thinker. If i leave this area i know it will be in good hands cuz Elder M is just a solid guy!

J C has been progressing big time. He came to mutual on tuesday, had dinner at our favorite family's(the Coates) house with his mom and sister on thursday, came to the gaspee parade (i'll talk about later...actually on second thought, just look it up on google if you can cuz that would be easier then me explaining it) on saturday morning, went paintballing with the young men saturday afternoon, and came to a party at the church for a member's graduation on saturday night and then to top it off he came to church on sunday! How legit is that?! And everyone loves him. He is very well mannered and very good at talking to people. especially adults. For those that know James Barrick, JC totally reminds me of him in some aspects ha its cool that they have the same name too. S, his sister only came on thursday but not to anything else. JC loves getting out to do things. So keep both in your prayers.

We finally met with Y and all is good. He got confirmed this week and that was a special experience. He is the coolest guy! He is just a big happy Haitian that is your all around handy-man plus he's way good at b ball. In the next few weeks he will get the priesthood and then start passing the sacrament and what not! I'm way excited for him. This is the first male we've baptized who is old enough to receive the Melchizedek priesthood. the other males that we baptized are 10yrs and 16yrs. So ya not many priesthood holders. We need to find more men!

Sorry to distract for the spiritual stuff but i have to tell you that i learned this week that i can dunk on 10 feet!!!!! haha it was crazy, and i did it last p day in a game with another elder guarding me. Ya, I still don't believe it myself but all the elders there can testify. Yup i accomplished a goal i've had since like the 6th grade. My life is complete.

Oh and funny story I popped another exercise ball just by sitting on it. This is the second one i've popped on my mission. Fat joke? i guess so haha. Elder M was ticked too but not too much i hope. I love you all and hope Nikki has a baby and all goes well! Be good people!

Elder Brady Johnson

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