Monday, June 18, 2012

Time keeps on slippin, slippin, slippin, into the future!

Name the movie with that song in it! Brock you better get this:) But really tho time just keeps ticking. And it is flying! Evidence of this is 1) this week went by way too fast and 2) Stacy is turning 16!!!! Thats just crazyness! I've been gone way too long if she is already 16. I swear she was only 12 when i left haha. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIL SIS! 

Anywho, Lots and lots of things going on constantly. The highlight of the week was definitely Zone Meeting. Its a meeting that is put on and organized by us and its pretty much the only chance we get to have all the zone together because we are so spread out. The theme of zone meeting was Unity-Becoming One, Focusing primarily on unity between the missionaries and the wards. And it was a great success of a meeting. We had the Providence Spanish Sisters talk to us about how they are able to motivate an average of 20 different members a week to come out with them and help them with the missionary work. Then Pres. Coates who is the 2nd counselor in the stake presidency spoke to us on what the stake is doing to help the missionary work along and what we can do as missionaries to work with the members. It was awesome. This stake I'm in right now is easily one of the best! Good things are happening here in little ol Rhode Island and alot of it has to do with the stake leaders. Then President and Sister Evans spoke to all of us (they drove all the way down here to warwick, RI) and gave us their last goodbye speech. It was kinda sad. That's the last time we will see them as missionaries.

There has been alot of drama and crazy things going on at J's home and he moved to Pawtucket and will be there for the next few weeks or so. So we are no longer teaching him. We passed him on to our good friends, the Central Falls elders. Its sad that we can't teach him anymore but he's in good hands. D one of other solid investigators is still going thru alot with losing his job and what not. But he has so much faith and trust in God so he's not even worried. He will probably be baptized on the 1st or so. the kids- V, C, and M (all brothers and sister) are coming along great. We have been having some awesome lessons with them lately and because they are young its hard for them to stay focuzed so its made us have to be more creative and come up with clever object lessons. And im pretty proud of the stuff we've come up with. Ha alot of it is from Elder M cuz im not very creative.

Thats about it. All of our recent converts are doing great. S (the cambodian) loves church, M is the first one to church each week and passes out the programs and is studying preach my gospel and trying to finish the Book of Mormon, C and D both have a job now and also have a car so things are looking way up for them, and juliette comes to church each week with the biggest smile on her face.  A and Y are doing great too. The ward has been really great with fellowshipping!

Well i think thats enough for this week. I love you all! thanks for everything. I know this work is God's work. Miracles do happen. I see them every day. Look for those miracles. they are out there. For those of you out there who have Family Home Evening each week, incorporate Preach My Gospel into it. Its perfect for FHE! For those of you out there that don't have FHE each week, Have it :) It will be the best thing for your family. There is a difference between homes where they have family home evenings and homes where they don't. I know its true cuz a prophet has said that we need to do it. So just do it ;) love ya bye

Elder Brady Johnson

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